Well, yes, my husband was in the NY Times

the man loves his pressure cooker

I’m back!   I just got back from a great road trip with my kids. Seriously.  I was so unplugged that I wasn’t even able to crow about my the big feature on my dear husband in the Sunday NY Times.  Yes, I was mentioned which was pretty cool as well.

The interview for this story was months ago and it morphed from an online story to being in a the regular paper copy.  They hinged on Mark’s body being beat up after years of cooking.  I don’t love this angle.  I think it’s sort of silly since I know plenty of people his age who had desk jobs are round as a circle and have had knee or hip replacements.  If they really want to gauge what jobs affect people’s bodies they would need to control for family history, diet, etc.  They also got a few things wrong in the article, Rex is 4, but at his age he probably doesn’t mind the bump.

I love that the NY Times wrote about my husband.  He has worked very hard for years and has a lot of accomplishments and glad for them to be recognized.  Along with his sore back.

6 thoughts on “Well, yes, my husband was in the NY Times

  1. I’ve been sharing the article with people in and out of the industry…as I find it to be yet another great angle on what all is involved in getting an amazing meal to our table(s). Regular people have no idea the long hours in being a chef. ‘We’ seem to think of chefs as designers and that the actual creation gets off-loaded to other specialists…that the chef is so hands-on with each and every plate amazes.
    And I loved your mention…as I was THERE!!! 🙂

  2. This is great. I like seeing Mark (and you!) in print. Yes, being a chef looks insanely physical. I’m embarrassed to say what trying to make one dinner takes out of me!

  3. Thrilled for you and Mark! So very well deserved!!!

    I hear you about the health slant, but hey they always say if they’re talking about you it’s ALL good!!!

    Cheers to you both!

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