where are those darn glasses?

If you are North of 40 like me you are forever reaching for your glasses.  Well, a momperneur  sent me a pair of lookie lous reading glasses that are also a head band.   Every once in a while my “Please don’t send me things to review, I’m not coolmompicks.” breaks down and I’m charmed. In this case by a nice lady from Nashville who wants us to be able to find our glasses and be fashion forward.

I hate the glasses with the little nose things, like aviator style because I push them on my head and then get my full locks tangled in my reading tool.

So here it’s a head band.

One change I would make is the large type of the magnification on the side ( see pink letters).  Granted if you are dealing with people who don’t have great eyesight, but I’d like to keep that info on the downlow.

Here it’s glasses.

I mean business

They can be tinted.

Jackie Oh?

Which looks a tad severe and Bono like, although when reading on a lounge chair by a pool on my recent vacay they worked. Funny enough, Vivien LOVED them and took them from me for weeks.  She liked the head band part and then liked pretending to need glasses.  Rex took them from her and announced, “everything looks smeary!”

As my dad use to day, “young eyes.”



3 thoughts on “where are those darn glasses?

  1. Am far north of 45. Got bifocals three years ago. they were a bigger pain in the a** than you can imagine. Got rid of them and went back to two and went back to using two pair. I look like a lost schlub when I have to switch between pairs, one to find the supermarket aisle the other to read the labels. Yours though are kinda sexy in a futuristic way.

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