is Mom Vlogging over?

Is mom vlogging DEAD? Oh, in 2007 I seemed so clever.  Why not create short, funny videos for mom? Give them a bite, not the “how to” of BabyCenter, but a virtual wise cracking friend.  Your own digital Ethel.  I partnered with Deca and created this site and Momversation.  The brands poured in, I made over 500 videos.

But, the last year and half I’ve got it alone while the landscape of mom vlogging and mom blogging has changed.  Bigger sites than mine have challenges.  They are chasing the elusive “monetization” and a wack- doodle pioneer like myself is left to reflect on the status of this genre.

14 thoughts on “is Mom Vlogging over?

  1. It IS alot easier to get to your performances than those theaters on a Saturday night – from Amsterdam. Or maybe you need to start performing in Amsterdam 🙂 But however you do it – KEEP Performing. love it.

  2. Daphne, here is you loyal fan from Berlin/Deutschland, also a “Mutter-Blogger”.
    Your are fantastic and a great role-model to me. Don’t stop, please! Is Mommy Bloggimg in the U.S over? Because it’s just starting here in Germany a.k.a ” I just quit my real job”

  3. I’m still here too and I love your videos… but I agree entirely. The mommy blogging and blogging world in general is starting to fade out. I think people are satisfied with instagram, twitter and pinterest. Reading a blog is a bigger commitment. The bloggers who have managed to stay somewhat popular are those that share very candid details about their lives and that gets old after a while. Dooce is a good example of this. She stopped being candid so people stopped reading her blog.

    That’s my 2 cents worth anyway.

    • interesting..
      I hear you.. the drama and pathos in real life that I don’t express would make for a more interesting blog. But, then do I hurt the feelings of certain family members? In a blended family even dicier. I think for “real life” we have to go to fiction. Then there is plausible deniability!

  4. Your friends and family will (emotionally) support you, whatever you want to do! But if it’s money you’re looking for, uh, yeah, I don’t have any advice. xoxo

  5. Don’t stop. You bring too much happiness to our household (okay me who needs a little humor these days with a three-year old).

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