enough with the psycho sexual billboards

Clear Channel Outdoors are the worst kind of whores.  No standards, or why else would they carry those foul billboards for “American Horror Story”? Does anyone involved with that show have children?  Daughters?  Because when I’m driving around town with my 8 year old girl and from the back seat I hear,

“Oh, no mommy there it is again.”  

I didn’t point it out to her.  When see stuff like this I hope my kids are busy punching each other or talking about farts.  But, if they bring it up, we have to talk about it. It’s so gross and vile to women.  3 women have a Snake coming out of their mouths.  No, that’s not sexual. ( roll of eyes), that’s not objectifying to women ( eyes roll other direction). Hey porn and smut and bloody horror shows and movies are all legal.  Good for you now, knock  yourself out, but kids who are strapped in the back of their parents cars and just staring out the window shouldn’t have to look at this stuff.

I can intellectually say why it’s disturbing.  My daughter says so instinctively.   I use to rail against the dismembered females bodies that that that stupid show about the plastic surgeons in Miami use to have.  Wait, another F/X show!  Granted years ago I had a good time when I hosted a show for F/X, before they decided to become the basic cable HBO. Our publicity photos was me and my co shots on a couch with bulldog.  The bulldog just sat.

I say to my daughter, “I’m really sorry you have to see that Vivien.  It’s immature.  They want to shock people with icky imagery. I’m sorry I can’t make it go away.”

If we are never able to regulate billboards content this place is going to look like Pottersville.

Oh, it already does

8 thoughts on “enough with the psycho sexual billboards

  1. Excellent, Daphne! Ruby, who is 4, noticed those same signs and billboards all over LA. Incredible this garbage is out there.

  2. Oh, this is just awful. It’s so hard to raise children in a society that has images like this plastered all over public places. Just yesterday I was discussing with a friend her concern for the teenage girls riding the Chicago public transit on their way to school and being bombarded with scantily clad women in lingerie ads. She commented that it’s a tough way to start the day for a teenage girl – being reminded that she’s not “perfect” and that her sexuality serves as one of the most important traits she has. So sad. I’m sharing this on the Margarita Mommies facebook page today because I think it’s a message that needs to be spread. Thanks for posting this.

  3. The ad is pornography & I almost crashed my car the first time I saw it– we have a rating system for movies: why nothing for what is on our streets and in our children’s faces?

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