how having a son can save you from dating pain

It’s too late for me.  I’m married and even if I wasn’t happily married, I’m too lazy to change it up now.  But, you single woman, it’s you I speak too.  Don’t get to sad about men.  Don’t take it so hard when they shower you with affection than never call or text or have your name tattooed on his arm–oh whatever you kids are doing these days.  Even as Cute, Cuddly little boys they are out to BREAK YOUR HEART. Like my earlier vid Italian Film Star, I explore this dynamic again.

yeah, we don't live in a bucolic land


5 thoughts on “how having a son can save you from dating pain

  1. well, don’t make him anything special anymore, just stick to the yogurt drinks. At least when our sons are rude they are still cute. Less cute on a middle aged man.

  2. Doesn’t this also apply to husbands in some way? Oh except for the fact that you have to see them.
    Can you do a croissant vid? Would live to know how to bake them.

  3. butter, and more butter. I am behind on food vids. I have taken pics for my fried chicken . Then I get a bee about something and don’t get to it. Ok.
    BUt, yes Beatrice, that’s the point. Guys are never going to act like girls. Though, when I saw Rex later that day he came running to me with no pants, dirty face, spongebob shirt, out stretched arms, “mommy!” and all wasn’t just forgiven I felt I should apologize to him for ever having felt frustrated. AH, the cycle!

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