How Do you write a children’s book?

Author, Author!  My friend Sarah Maizes stopped by Rex’s bedroom so that I could interview her about her new book. You might remember her from her great turn as the parent of your kid’s friend you don’t like in my Cafe Mom series last year.

When I first met her in a comedy class years ago she said she had previously been a children’s book agent.  We were all interested in that field, she seemed less so.  But, now she has written, and even better gotten published, two children’s books.  They are good and easy to read for the parent who wants to turn out the lights.

Sarah says most children’s book authors don’t make much money.  Unless they get a good series going (Captain Underpants, anyone?)  She had tried to sell Olivia and that darn pig got a pass form 26 publishers.  Perseverance pays off because eventually the author struck gold with that. I think she has buddy series herself.

4 thoughts on “How Do you write a children’s book?

  1. Please please write a good children’s book Daphne! If I have to read bloody good night moon one more time….. Sorry, not a fan of that one but my son loves it, he loves it so much that he falls asleep clutching it. Harlan’s and the purple crayon? Why is that a Classic may I ask?

    • I just think he could have drawn some more interesting things…. It’s so dragged out. GET TO THE POINT! Or maybe I’m too eager to get my kids asleep.

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