Preparing for Thanksgiving

Once again I’m hosting Thanksgiving.  Family from halfway across the globe will be in my house. I’m starting to get a tad nervous.

Extra wine glasses- needed

Have enough chairs? – too nervous to count

Plates?–maybe I should bite the bullet and rent this year.    Last year I did a nice series of vids with cafe mom.  One was about this very issue.  It’s time to rerun it.  As they say in hack branded videos, “What are you doing to get ready?”

3 thoughts on “Preparing for Thanksgiving

  1. Oh god this video reminds me that Xmas is just around the corner…. My husband and my family aren’t exactly in the same food group of you know what I mean…. I feel the tension already. Wish I could order
    Lunch! We have vegetarians, people who don’t eat turkey, people who only want turkey, people who don’t like cheese ( strange ) how can you make anything vegetarian without cheese? And a drunk….. That’s what I’ll turn into just to get through it.

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