I love this Christmas stuff

My nose is running, I’m tired and have skin so dry I could plant corn in the cracks, but I do love this time of year.  It’s all because of my 4 and 8 year old.  christmas kidThis precious time where they

1) Still want to hang out with me

2) Still believe in Santa Claus

3) are open and excited and haven’t become cynical jaded f*cks.

That time will come, but till then I’m loving it.  I love sharing them with my mom

kids, Aunt Cec, mom, niece Lily

kids, Aunt Cec, mom, niece Lily

best gingerbread house

The four at home in front. maybe I should have asked for a little guy just off the plate to represent Oliver in college

and going to holiday teas, church Christmas boutiques, (my splurge here from the Solvang Bakery) Last year my splurge was piano playing miniature teddy bear. What can I say I’m weak for Christmas kitsch.

Mom, are you sure we can't eat it?

Mom, are you sure we can’t eat it?

personalized gingerbread house

Making hot chocolate, buying our tree.  They insisted on flocked this year. decorating a flocked treechildren decorating christmas trees I have bought ONE gift so far and need to do my budget of what is possible, but in the last few years I’ve just come to accept that anxiety at what I’m putting on the credit card is as much a part of Christmas time as hot apple cider.  Oh, by the way Christmas bazaars, this year no one has had hot apple cider.  What gives?  I’m calling Fox News.

Christmas time goes so fast that one really has to have everything staged and ready to go.  I’m pretty good, but still trying to dig out my Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra holiday CD’s. Good I have spotify, but I have to skip a lot these modern ballads.. blech.

children's christmas

Thanks for the Mick Jagger pose Rex

One reason I have been looking forward to Christmas is so that Vivien can finally wear this exquisite dress that Mark’s cousin Vicki made for her.  She visited us earlier this year and we went fabric shopping. She went back to Oregon and then sent us this picture perfect dress.  Red velvet, green silk sash, ruching on the shoulders. homemade christmas dress A one of kind.  Years from now when Vivien is off clubbing or running her medical practice I will be clutching this dress, shooing  my cats away from its beauty.

kids and santaDear Santa, let this sweetness last as long as possible.teddy bear tea


9 thoughts on “I love this Christmas stuff

  1. 1) where did you get that gingerbread house?
    2) I am jealous of your flocked tree! I begged Ava and there was nothin doin. Next year for sure and mark my words: the flocked tree is coming back in style. You will be a trend setter.
    3) you need to put the elf in a shelf into your Christmas traditions. I was so mad when my ex started last weekend because then I was forced to carry on the ruse at my house where naturally, she spends most of her time so 10x the work for me compared to him. However, the book and story are adorable, after buying the elf you really don’t have to buy anything, and every morning we get a huge laugh about it, not to mention I have fun thinking of new ideas for him. This morning she woke up to him chillin with Barbie in front of the fire, roasting marshmallows (toothpick and mini ones did the trick) and the day before that she woke up to him fishing for goldfish on the edge of the sink (a stick, goldfish crackers, string and an ornament hook was all I needed). I think tomorrow she might find him in the dog food container stealing Gracie’s food. 🙂

    Anyway love to know someone else gets into the kitschy stuff. It is fun at this age and it will be over before you know it. Oh and also about the elf: he can grow with the family- older kid themes are a plenty as well. Love the post!

    • argh, yes, I will get it it. Nice you have that. I should post about my singing mouse/bear, hmm what is it? I got the house at Solvang Bakery. They ship it to you. A couple little things were off, but it traveled pretty well. Link in the post.

  2. Oh Daphne, this piece reminds me that I should not be complaining so much about my 1 and 2 year old boys who drive me loopy, I should be hanging on to this special time as long as I have it. Can you imagine being a home with a retired husband all day and no kids at home? Oh, that’s a whole new retired husband, former cool mom blog….

  3. I am greatful for my grandkids and my young nephew and niece who let me experience this time of year with a “twinkle” in my eye.

    Very lovely peice

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