Skipping the Super Bowl

Couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl.  I don’t think I’ve watched since the Janet Jackson episode.  That one I was at gathering in San Francisco and I was so irked with the placid, fleece wearing group of watchers.  They lacked dynamism and reinforced my decision to move back to LA where the quality of life can be harder, but people have more pep.flag football

Instead of rooting for big corporations to injure young men’s bodies I’m hosting a seminar on Sparkling wines with two other moms from Vivien’s school as a fundraising event. A sommelier wine friend of mine is educating us while we get soused.   We didn’t mean to do counter programming, but after checking for religious holidays, national holidays who knew we had to worry about football?  Two ladies dropped out and I was left to think… why?

Isn’t it kind of a feminist issue the amount of time, money, energy that is put into propping up sports which offer NO advancement to women?  One dad chided one of my co host for holding an event on Super Bowl night. We have to watch all your action movies on date nights and feign interest in football?  Would he reschedule his beer night for figure skating finals?  What message do we as moms send to our daughter’s if we follow along the hubby to watch his game of men?  Shouldn’t we be going to a Take Back the Night rally?  Or in my case, Take back the wine lounge.

I’ve gotten into the particulars of a game when I was being paid to understand football for a show I hosted.  But, otherwise the enjoyment of Super Bowl parties is lost on me.  Let’s sit around, drinking beer and eating mediocre food, no one looks good, not much conversation is going on and watch a TV.  If I liked football I’d watch from home.  Of course some women on their own enjoy the game.  But, plenty don’t and feel they need to cozy up to their dude.  I’d the like the time back I spent sitting next to some dude I thought was Mr. Right on his couch eating pizza and acting like I gave a shit.

If you don’t like Football don’t pretend.  The Football Industrial Complex doesn’t need you.  Thoughtful feminist who think for themselves and raise girls to not fixate on men’s needs do need you.


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    • Hat wirklich Spass gemacht. Die Cacpiuconotassen haben eben das Ausmass, das eine Züri-Schnure sich eben gewohnt ist. Und ein Weitwinkel hilft da auch noch mit, denke ich. Auf jeden Fall war meine Tasse schnell mal leer. Aber HALT: Ich habe ja gar keinen Capuccino getrunken. Ich bin am abnehmen…

    • Carrie, I love it when God does things like that. He is so amazing! You are not the first person I’ve heard tell a story about God switching money around–including myself. It’s always nice to go back and remember these times when it feels like God is waiting just a little too long to resolve something. This experience will always remind you that He cares and He is always there! Go play your tuba, baby, but…somewhere else. Maybe a basement???

    • Delurking for about two seconds.And Rumsfeld is retiring! It’s like Christmas came early!I had a wonderful time in class today. Since I live in a right-wing extremist city, I had free entertainment as they whined and moaned about the Democrats taking over Congress. : D So funny.Hopefully, this is the beginning of better times. But I reserve complete judgement until the new session starts in January.Democrats FOR THE WIN.‾Neo

    • I’d should examine with you here. Which is not something I normally do! I take pleasure in studying a submit that can make folks think. Also, thanks for permitting me to remark!

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  1. Thank you for that! That is exactly how I’ve thought of the Super Bowl my entire life. Thank you for making me feel like I’m not the only woman in the world who doesn’t want to make football shaped treats for my husband and his friends. Have fun tomorrow at your event!

    • Thank you Jenny. I just got back from it and we had a great time. A few ladies bailed. A couple came very late, but everyone had a great time and I was glad we did it. After I wrote this I became even more energized by this view point. It’s the emperor that has no clothes.

  2. It’s not necessarily (or only) a feminist thing – I’m a guy and I can’t see why anyone is interested or excited in the Super Bowl…

    (Now…how can I get my wife to feign interest in action movies? Hmmmm….)

  3. I actually go watch the game with or without my husband. He travels for work and there have been years when we weren’t together on Super Bowl Sunday. I still went out to watch the game. Today, I was a little tired from a busy week, but my daughter insisted that we not miss the game. We’re girls… strong minded ones, even… and we like to watch Super Bowl. I guess I’m not feminist enough?

  4. there are many women who on their own enjoy it. I use to love watching boxing. But, I, me, personally, wouldn’t encourage my daughter to watch it.

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