imovie is cramping my style

So, my computer went on the fritz.  I sprang for a new mac.  All of this meant I couldn’t blog for a while.  Then when the new machine arrived I thought, “ah, finally, I can edit my videos.”  But, I’m stalled.  The new and improved imovie is not my friend.  I’ve watched  a you tube video and it doesn’t help.

So, why does mac put out products without explantation?  My texting wasn’t working on my iphone.  My sister Cecily, who is tech savvy, picked it up and figured out how to fix it.  I feel like you have to learn how to handle mac products on the street, no one tells you.  Like sex.

new imovie no good


I got this far, but stalled.  Sigh.  I’m sure there is genius there, if I could only unlock it.

2 thoughts on “imovie is cramping my style

  1. My mom takes free classes at the Apple store to figure out how to use her Apple products. She says they’re very patient. I ask my kids for help.

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