it’s almost time…

For my show to start.  SUNDAY JAN. 4th at Noon on Food Network.  I’m getting nervous.  Nervous worried- that Food Network will write and say, “we’ve never had NO ONE watch a show before, until now.”

Nervous Excited – OMG I’ve never had my OWN show.  I’ve always been part of an ensemble.  Its got my name, my stove, my toaster.. oh, not my toaster, they thought it looked too dingy so they moved it for the show.

You'll never make toast in this town again!

You’ll never make toast in this town again!

If you all can watch the 6 episodes that will be rolling out over the next 6 weeks I’d be mighty appreciative.  If you are on any social media please use #daphnedishes and @coolmomdotcom @foodnetwork in any posts.  They do notice this stuff.

I really hope you like it.  Please give  me any feedback, because if it gets a pick up I can incorporate your notes into future shows.

Mom in the make up room, otherwise known as my bathroom. Expert work done by Crystal Bernal

Mom in the make up room, otherwise known as my bathroom. Expert work done by Crystal Bernal

The first episode is very dear as my mom and sisters are featured.  I’m reworking healthy recipes of my mom’s but making them taste better.

My kids are in it a bit.  Mark will be in some episodes, he is always in the opening title.  (See how fast he can chop onions)

The day before we started shooting we had a deep loss in our family, which I haven’t been able to write about yet.  It was very hard to carry on, but everyone from the Food Network to my kids were very supportive.  I loved having Vivien on set when she wasn’t in school.  She is my little ray of sun and when I was on set and downcast she would say “Mommy” and give me a smile and thumbs up.  Then I could put a smile on my face.

Vivien sets up the shot

Vivien sets up the shot


11 thoughts on “it’s almost time…

  1. Sorry to hear about the loss right before filming. Loved the recipes and will save off a couple to try myself. One question, where did the blouse you were wearing come from? It was really cute!


  2. Good job, Daphne!
    Saw your new show, Daphne Dishes (Sun. at noon on the Food Network). What I liked:
    1. You let the FOOD and your well-explained instructions be the Star.
    2. The dishes, when done, looked quite appetizing.
    3. You gave useful tips, and were easy to follow.
    4. While i love humor, thankfully you didn’t go “hog-wild” with it or “try to hard”(less is more).
    5. I can see how you would relate well to families and anyone new to cooking who wants to learn how to do better at it.
    Nice job! Every year, on Food Network Star, I ask myself: who has the best: Cooking, Teaching, likeability and who Isn’t a turn-off? (No freakiness).
    Congrats! Good job.
    I also left comments at:
    Wishing you good success. –Crouton40

  3. First, sorry for your family loss.
    I hadn’t heard of your blog (or you, or Mark, for that matter), but wanted to check out a new show on FN. I’m SO tired of the “competition” shows that they do ad nauseum! Anyway, truly enjoyed the show and you and your recipes and will continue to watch AND read your blog. Your kids were wonderful BTW!

  4. Thank you Deb for condolences and thank you so much for watching. I’m really glad you liked it. My kids save my bacon all the time, so great to be able to “play” with them too.

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