Cooking on Live TV

Out promoting my Food Network show.  It doesn’t all go to plan, but  it’s fun.daphne dishes

I love performing live.. so rarely get to do so.  If at the end I get to eat my dark chocolate sauce with berries with a weatherman, all the better!  Watch

HERE to see my appearance today on KCAL 9.  Thanks to Josh Rubenstein for being such a nice host.  We ran out of time before I got to show my desert. But, inhaled afterward.  So much for looking like Giada.

weather man Josh rubenstein

13 thoughts on “Cooking on Live TV


  2. This will be the chop and chat I grew up seeing and now miss so much. The days of Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet? Remember? The laughs? The ease with the audience. The LOVE of being up there? This is what you will bring, Daphne. I can’t wait till I can get it. (no luck yet… maybe by next week.) (we don’t have cable)

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