Stealing Ingredients

Here is Daphne Dishes, without the production value. No lighting, no make up and clothes.. I have a cold.   I did this a while ago, but thought it would really fit with my Food Network show running.

One of the yards I take from belongs to the best couple of people you could ever hope to live next door too.  They were at Mark’s pop up last night.  They leave the side gate open so the kids can play in their yard if they like.  They are the borrow sugar kind of folk.  Although, I think it’s usually been olive oil.  Plus, they let me raid their citrus tree. I think the hip name is “forage”.

Who can you steal from?

8 thoughts on “Stealing Ingredients

  1. I don’t have TV so I gotta find another way to watch your show, but I loved this video! You’re so chill, and that chicken looks amazeballs, but actually like something I could do.

  2. My husband makes fun of me for watching cooking shows, but I made your chicken with creamy mustard sauce and the steak lover was raving about it. He said it’s a must have do again recipe! I think you are a refreshing addition to the food network family!

  3. Its really a very nice video. I want more this type of recipes like chicken and I must try it. I will let you inform after complete this recipe by myself immediately. Thanks for this recipe.

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