Vaccinations.. invented for a reason

I’ve been seeing a lot of people sticking their neck out on social media to say, “enough Anti Vaccinaters” in light of the recent measle outbreaks.  I hadn’t rushed to the barricades for this round of the vaccination controversy, however we do have a story to tell.  Most of it is in this video I did when I was pregnant with Rex.

Years later a producer for a PSA to raise awareness about the rise of whooping cough contacted me.  She had heard my story and wondered if we would share it in the PSA.  I said, yes, however they didn’t pick us. What chilled me was she said of all the families she had spoken to we were the ONLY ones who had had a newborn in a house with Whooping Cough where the baby did NOT die.

I’m a very lucky/blessed/happy person that this wonderful little girl is still with me.

Remember 12 year olds need a booster shot for whooping cough.  I do not think parents should get an exemption for vaccination and imperil the rest of us.  I never believe in hiding behind religion for bad decisions that run counter to the prevailing norms of the day.  It’s no excuse to shroud woman and make then second class citizens.  It’s no excuse to mutilate a newborn boys’s penis.  It’s no excuse not to use modern medicine to protect us.  As my friend and mentor Dr. Dean Edell once said to me when I was in a pique of hippy talk, “Mother nature doesn’t care if you live, mother nature wants us to die.”.   We need to trip up her plans if possible.



2 thoughts on “Vaccinations.. invented for a reason

  1. Whooping cough is very serious so I am glad you posted the video. My daughter was born prematurely with a serious respiratory condition and she also contracted RSV in the hospital during our long stay there! You can imagine the fear that struck me when we discovered 5 of our closest relatives (none of them get vaccines!) had the whooping cough. Whooping cough is dangerous to people who are pretty healthy, but to a newborn with chylothorax as mine had, it’s almost always fatal. I count myself blessed that she made it through all this. I would just say, I think it’s important for even adults to check up on their vaccinations ~ it’s not too much to ask of me to get a shot if I can help protect others, especially our most vulnerable, the young and the elderly.

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