white flour fantasy

So, I’m trying to lose my grief weight and it’s not easy when the deeper I get into my 40’s my metabolism seems to slow at a logarithmic rate.   Give up wine.. no.  Give up white sugar, mostly I can do that, fine. Exercise, fine, helps stop the voices in my head.  So, I needed another restriction.  I chose no white flour.  No pasta, pizza, that’s tough.  But, I’m really missing it in the morning.  Bread products are the only things that settle my tummy in the morning and they are quick.

I can have very vivid romantic dreams.  It’s the safe way to cheat when you are married.  Well, two night ago I had a very explicit dream…about a buttered bagel.   It was warm, shiny, I couldn’t wait to eat it. I woke up and it was like I had been with Idris Elba or Scott Foley.  Oh, I just want to get thin enough to eat it for real!



Hot and Brit

Hot and Brit

way hotter than that dopey president

way hotter than that dopey president

My body might be getting adjusted to it’s new simple carb deprived body.  I had a fantastic dream with George Clooney.  We were in that new dating, flirting mode that I can distantly recall.  I ran my hand up under his shirt.  He was smiling.  It was on.  Next thing I knew I was trying hang gliding and Mark was telling me to get up.  “it’s 7:30!”  My alarm went off at 6:50.

“Leave me alone”  I wanted to savior the last few minutes I squeeze out of my dream brain.

In the kitchen I sleepily made some unsweetened oatmeal.  Thinking of the man of my dreams and the bread product of my dreams.



he was dressed more casually for me last night

he was dressed more casually for me last night..but he didn’t have a bagel

9 thoughts on “white flour fantasy

  1. Oh, how I wish I had those dreams!!! I’m so sleep deprived I actually fantasize about SLEEPING.
    Try dropping wheat, I’m currently doing it,not for allergy reasons but general health and I’ve lost quite a bit of weight without making a huge effort.

      • bugger, yes, sorry it is the same thing. I’m getting quite into making things with Quinoa or Amaranth… Have you read Wheat Belly? Scared the hell out of me, but it does kick start a diet.

  2. It’s always difficult adopting new habits; I admire you for trying. For what it’s worth, a friend of mine lost 15 lbs when she adopted a vegan diet — with one “cheat” day a week to eat whatever she wanted. Rome wasn’t built in a day, though, so don’t beat up yourself if you stumble every now and then.

  3. You’re so talented Michelle. You did great catunripg genuine Mike smiles (so rate to cone by on film) and didnt make us feel or look awkward. Xoxo I’m so glad you and Gary will be there with us on our big day!

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