Daphne Dishes is Back!

Season two baby, Season 22222!  Super Excited to officially announce my show is coming back!!!

JUST Finished shooting most of the show.. hence, lame on posting… It returns with more food, more laughs, more Rex and Viv on June 7th Sunday at 11:30 on the Food Network.  Yeah, that’s right.   Although right now it’s on reruns on Sunday at 10:30am  ( set your DVR to ease confusion)

what me have a cooking show?

what me have a cooking show?

The charming folks at Concentric Entertainment were back to produce.  Actually it was all the same folks except my brother’s long lost friend Barbie was on hand to also work on the show. Barbie takes the kids to school so mommy can get into make up I wanted her on board, not only because she is a hard worker, smart, but I was a tad bit afraid of PTSD considering the tragedy that befell the night before we shot the last shoot and wanted someone who knew us near ( totally get how people like Elvis get an entourage).  Thankfully grinding intestinal upset was the only problem ( that’s another post) on this season.shooting daphne dishes

It was a challenge to get recipes together for 13 episodes, especially since my number one advisor, my chef husband, is working non stop on his newly opened eatery, Bombo.  However the work I did helping him get that open did inform some of my recipes and I have one episode titled “Steam Power” where I riff off the steam kettle power that generates most of the dishes at Bombo to change the way we do home cooking.

lunch break at Bombo with my the gals who make me look good wardrobe Lauren Francis, hair and make up Crystal Bernal. On our "on location" day at Grand Central Market in downtown LA

lunch break at Bombo with my the gals who make me look good: wardrobe Lauren Francis, hair and make up Crystal Bernal. On our “on location” day at Grand Central Market in downtown LA

I hope you like this next season.  I felt like I finally started to get it this season.  How to cook, host, look at camera, stir a bowel so the cameraman can see it, etc.  It’s a trip.


11 thoughts on “Daphne Dishes is Back!

  1. Will definitely watch. Loved the first season, even my little girls ages 5 and 3 loved watching it with mommy!

      • Hi Daphine, I really enjoy watching you each week, you brought real life to cooking, i DVR it, late going to church some morning, you are so funny, you are very crative and love how you balance home, marriage, and been a fun mother to your kids, i have had fun bringing your idea to my home, keep up your high energy, and fun cooking coming, just love you and your show, looking for more, Thanks

  2. Hi Daphne. I did see an episode last week and I thought it was the new season. It was the sports party. We were traveling last “season” and I only recorded two episodes…so I have a lot more Daphne to watch! 🙂 It is so much fun seeing your house and the family on TV. You do a great job…so natural and relaxed. When I was taped for an intro to my UCDavis online classes I was so nervous I could barely stand up. Hats off to you girl!

  3. Hey Daphne,love your show,and yes you are a Cool Mom! This is so not a cooking question.Love the palm tree print shirt you wore in today’s episode and you are wearing in the top picture of you.Where from? So cute with the jeans shorts!

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