Daphne Dishes RETURNS

Second season baby!


That’s right, I’m back!!  More recipes, more kid hi jinx, more tips and tricks from the kitchen.   I’m super chuffed that Daphne Dishes

selfie on set

selfie on set

is returning to the Food Network this Sunday at 11:30am.  I will be live tweeting PST from my screening party. @daphbrog

First Episode is fun.  We do a back yard movie night.  Culver Crest Chicken! culver crest chicken Oh, yeah.  Find out the secret (ground fennel seeds), why I named it that, oh so much.   I’ve long wanted to have a movie night in my backyard and finally get to. It’s so much easier when  PA goes to pick up the equipment.  If only life was always like that. Although I don’t miss the bender board that blanketed the floors of my house while we shot.  Note cardboard and blue tape below.  Little known fact, cardboard floors don’t feel great on bare feet.

producer Craig attempts to direct Rex and Vivien.  Good luck

producer Craig attempts to direct Rex and Vivien. Good luck

Some sweet friends came on the show and Vivien and two of her best friends make their own movie.  All their own idea.  Watch out Sundance. These first 3 shows my gut hadn’t turned on me yet, so I’m happy but chubbier cheeked.  I’ll be interested to see if we can detect changes throughout the season.   I hope you like it.

10 thoughts on “Daphne Dishes RETURNS

  1. Love your show Daphne. The wife has the Food Network on ALL the time. Your show is the only one I like. Your humor keeps me watching. Best of luck on season 2.

  2. I absolutely love your show, you really crack me up and love all the recipes…thank you for sharing with us!!

  3. Watched your first show today and must say you lost me as a viewer. Your comment regarding looking like hillbillies after eating Kale Chips was totally inappropriate. Hope your show is not renewed again. You are not doing stand up comedy, you are on a cooking network. You need to know who comprises a large part of your audience.

    • Gee Trudy, sorry you think Kale chip jokes are inappropriate. Didn’t know that was a sensitive issue. Actually, I am a comic, a humorist. That’s my deal, that’s why they hired me. Food experience and performing experience. As I learned years ago, there are always people who won’t like you, sorry it had to be you.

  4. I was so excited to see your show pop up in my DVR again! You look gorgeous, your recipes look delicious, and you are hilarious as always.

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