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I know what you are thinking, Daphne, how is your colon?

As some of you may recall while filming season 2 of Daphne Dishes for the Food Network ( Oh, Please food god let their be a season 3, pls, pls pls) I was hit with a bowel tornado.  As I made delicious food that I eventually couldn’t swallow it was found that I had C-diff.  A perfect storm of too many antibiotics and picking a germ that KILLED the good bacteria in my gut.  It lead to some misadventures like getting locked in a bathroom at UCLA hospital.

you would never know, but this was the day it hit.  Filming Daphne Dishes at Santa Monica Pier "Food that scare you"

you would never know, but this was the day it hit. Filming Daphne Dishes at Santa Monica Pier “Food that scare you”

So, 3 rounds of medication later I’m about to set sail ( fly) to Italy.  Again, I prayed, “Please let me eat in Italy, pls, pls, pls) Maybe it was the meds, the chinese herb tea, the acupuncture, the begging, the mediterranean heat, but I did well.  I did not need to rush to the Toilet, I did not have super grinding pain.  I had some pain with beef, cheese and more pain with raw vegi’s.

So, lucky me I enjoyed the trip.  Now, when I come back I see the specialist I had booked months ago.  He is a big booster of the fecal transplant.   So, get this.  A company has monetized crap. It goes and finds the best crap. Tests it for bad…stuff.. then freezes it. So if I were to get this done, if the C-diff returns, I would have a colonoscopy and this ice cube of crap would be put deep into my intestine.  It is said to work very well.

In October this same company has a new pill coming out basically full of crap.  I would have to go to the doctors office, take 30 pills with lots of water. Then come back the next day and do it again.  So, swallow someone’s doo, or have it put in my back side.

For, now I don’t have to decide as I’m mending. (pls,pls, pls)

By the way, all those who tell you to lose weight by not eating carbs?  Bread was virtually the only thing I could eat with C-diff for weeks. I lost 10 diet since I got sick and I’ve  I knew that was … crap.

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  1. You poor girl. I sure hope you’re feeling better and don’t get hit with that again. I wonder how you got it. The only person I knew who had it was a very old woman and she caught it at the hospital.

    I love your show and I sure hope it’s on for a long long time.

    • thank you Lee- Ellen. I hope the show continues.. but no word yet on pick up. I’ll keep working on recipes if I do get another.

      I know it’s strange, but they say it’s on the rise. That one can get it from a doctors office and I had had 2 rounds of antibiotics for strep, one being erithomiacin (sp) which is really tough on the gut. Purell type cleansers don’t help against c diff. Has to be soap and water. I did like losing weight though.

      • Hi – So nice to hear from you. I think you’re really a hot ticket and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your show one day. And the blog.

        At least there was a silver lining to the sickness – losing the weight. I had a kidney transplant a few years ago and I lost so much – it was fabulous – but thanks to all the anti-rejection meds plus the insulin for diabetes, I’ve gained it all back plus way, way more. I’m about to start on a real diet. I went to a surgeon to see about bariatric surgery but it gave me the creeps. I’ve never had trouble losing weight but keeping it off is the problem. I figure this time WHEN I lose it I have to convince myself that if any weight comes back I have to have the surgery – and I think that will work!!

        Good luck with your show getting picked up. I’m sure it will.

  2. Hi Daphne,

    Just watched your new show, loved it! Your kids are so cute, so is your mom. Reminded me of my late Nana and it warmed my heart.

    I will be watching you from now on. I am a vegetarian ( have not snuck meat but yes, have snuck wine) so I really like the snowy tomatoes, I will try them tonight.

    Keep cookin’

  3. Glad you’re feeling better Daphne! There is a really interesting book called Gut, by Giuliani Enders, all about gut bacteria and it sounds very odd but it’s fascinating and a great read. You are probably an expert on it by now but if you wanted a good read you may enjoy it!

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