When your child makes you realize you are as dumb as dirt

He, he, this cracks me up.. I’m humbled all the time being a mom, but never more then when my kids ask me questions that I cannot answer.  Have you been there?  I’m sure you have.  Vivien is now a 5th grader, but I know I’m not smarter than a 5th grader, I was falling behind years ago.  Combined with my spotty, progressive ’70’s education it’s a wonder I’m walking upright.

5 thoughts on “When your child makes you realize you are as dumb as dirt

  1. It’s funny I was just thinking about this. My children are all 21 and older. If you think they make you feel dumb now wait until they are adults, stop asking important questions and start giving you those looks you gave your parents at that age. There will come a time when you fall of the pedestal your kids put you on. It sneaks up on you and its not pretty. They still love you the same but you realize they’re suddenly able to see you warts and all. The great Oz behind the curtain is exposed so to speak. Taking care of a very elderly parent also puts this into perspective. Enjoy those innocent kid questions because that means they still think you are an authority with all the answers. There will come a time when all they’ll think to ask you for is a recipe.

    • lol I hope they do. Oh, I know It’s why I like to hang out with them so much now. Helping to raise my stepson- now 21- gave me perspective on this. He use to be the question man, then real fast he stopped asking! I was found out.

  2. Hahahahaha this is hysterical and so true! Your expressions are so classic. Tell us what you told her about where babies come from? I just had that happen and tried a simple: “the hospital.” She didn’t buy it. And so it begins.

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