So, this site has been in bed for the last couple of weeks along with me and now I know why.  I have Pneumonia.   Skipped Thanksgiving.  Been challenging.

I’m sure all kind of wit and wisdom will come from weeks of bed rest and tripping on steroid drugs, but until then.. wash your hands.  Check out my friend Shannon’s blog about your brave trip to assist Syrian refugees in Greece  ( spoiler alert Greek helpers and Syrians all seem to be gorgeous.) Shannon is very funny and once guested as my “Stunt Mom”.

Clearly she is a tough cookie, but her writing is informative without being pedantic.

Since I’m in bed and sleeping or watching screens Any suggestions of favorite binge shows?  I’m up to date on Empire ( storylines starting to go south), Indian Summer on Masterpiece Theate, everyone is depressed, but I just want to see the young Indian lead get naked.  Jane the Virgin, good, not as stellar as first season. Watched River on netflix. good, dark.  Grandfathered, loved, funny dead pan, my favorite.  Watching some John Adams, but small pox hard to watch right now.  So, please leave any shows you like… no zombies or vampires or game of thrones.  thanks.

16 thoughts on “New-mon-ya

  1. So sorry to hear you’re so sick. Hope you get better really soon. that said, I was wondering where the heck you were. I was tired of checking for new posts and seeing the “pee” one still there!! I figured you were just busy,never occurred to me you could be sick.

    That video was great. I want a stunt wife!!!

  2. Broadchurch! Don’t be put off by the 1st episode ( child found dead on beach ) It’s incredible!
    Sorry you are so ill, hope you have some help with the kids.

  3. Hey.. I LOVE EMPIRE! I have yet to catch up on this season.
    We watch BLACKLIST religiously.
    I like REIGN on the WB. The costumes are amazing. I would maime, kill and destroy for Lola’s hair.
    SALEM– it’s gotten to be too much for me and giving me nightmares, but season 1 and season 2 are RIVETING. It’s THE CRUCIBLE come to life.
    Hope you get to feeling better.

    My little boy blue LOVES to make fish the way you do.. with the flour, egg wash and breadcrumbs. He comes up with new songs everytime and yes he EATS all of his fish… no devours it!! I have to get it on video and send it your way but there are always technical difficulties… you know… mamma forgot to charge the silly batteries in the camera and such.


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