Daphne Dished raw

Okay, this ain’t pretty, but it’s what’s happening.  A little vlog on my life with pneumonia.  I know I’m not the only one suffering with this now, so maybe it can put a smile on someone elses’ face who has a pale, ugly face right now like moi.


Thanks to those who have been asking if Daphne Dishes is coming back for a third season.  I sure wish it would I day dream recipes ( unable to cook right now).  I have heard it’s going to be repeated in Jan.  So maybe that’s a good sign?  My recipes are still at www.foodnetwork.com/daphnedishes

I hope you are well and healthy and I hope to return to being funny and cooking and LOOKING BETTER.. oh and feeling better.

I am SO humbled by the help friends and family have given me and my kids the last few weeks.  We are all in this together.

13 thoughts on “Daphne Dished raw

  1. Oh, Daphne, so sorry! I had it too in September, but now am ok. You will be too. People said to be careful as it can come back. So watch it getting back into your busy life. Easier for me as I had no one to take care of, and Fara brought me food every day. What an angel! Get better, and sending love your way.

  2. Sorry to hear this kiddo. I’ve been susceptible to bad bronchitis for a few years so I started getting the pneumonia vaccine along with my annual flu shot. Since mom is 92, they suggest it for being around her, too. Dunno if it helps or not. Rest. I’m sure you’re sick of “resting”, and feel like there are a million things you should be doing. But **** it. Don’t guilt out. Just rest. Sleep more than you’ve slept since having Viv. It’s so great that you have such a supportive community to help you through it. Not to mention probably the best chicken soup in the world. I can see it now on Daphne Dishes S3E1. “Death Warmed Over – Great Meals While Heavily Medicated”…. Plus you still managed to make me laugh even though you’re sick as a dog. 🙂

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