Daphne Dishes…no more

Dear everyone who has ever been nice to me.  Last week I found out that Daphne Dishes is NOT getting a 3rd season on Food Network.  I am, of course, super bummed.  The ratings were good, but the daytime programming is very competitive, tight on their schedule.  They have been very kind and say they would like to find another place for me, but it won’t be this show.

Setting up a shot

Setting up a shot

I loved working with everyone on the show.  I can’t say it was a dream come true because I never would have that that 1) Food Network would ask me to do my own show 2) it was my own show 3) I could do it from my OWN home with with my Own kids.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity.

working with my kids was the be

working with my kids was the best

I worked really hard on the recipes and tried to give it my best even though I shot most of the episodes when I was either reeling from my brother’s suicide ( season 1) or done in by C diff ( season 2).  Craig Anderson at Concentric was more than a producer, but a dear family friend.  The whole crew was.

Craig directs the kids

Craig directs the kids

David, food stylist, a sweetie and also works on Pioneer Woman's show.

David, food stylist, a sweetie and also works on Pioneer Woman’s show.


My first priority was making sure my kids were well taken care of and they were.  Even when I was in NYC last year and met with the heads of the network and Harriet Siew who found me ( Thanks Harriet).  Rex and Vivien were with me and they were giving them things to take and play with.  Everyone should feel so welcome with their kids in a workplace!

such pros!

such pros!

I would have loved to tell more funny stories, to make more food,

my pea soup

my pea soup

to impart more things I’ve learned as a home chef with some professional experience and influence, and a very supportive chef husband!

Thank you for watching.


14 thoughts on “Daphne Dishes…no more

  1. Well, we are all very disappointed 🙁 My friend just messaged me on Saturday with this: tell that Daphne broad to write a cookbook and I said I did and I will again. I’m the one who made your Koreatown adjacent noodles 400 times. If you ever want to work on a cookbook – I’ll help with testing and editing – I write for TasteBook and Publishers Weekly and have a 30K group of cookbook fanatics that would back you – we would help you get a cookbook out there! You made me smile when I watched your show. Good luck.

  2. Daphne, so sorry they didn’t pick this up for Season 3. Food Network sticks with the same old shit and I never watch it anymore, except when you were on. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll find something else. The cookbook sounds like a great idea. I would imagine that writing a cookbook is very time consuming.


  3. I can’t imagine what anyone else is watching if not you, Daphne, because you are HILARIOUS and fresh, kind, warm, original, entertaining and I love you. I’m with the others on the Daphne cookbook wagon AND I’m with what’s ahead for you because talent like yours is pretty dang rare.

  4. I love your show, but also the videos, the way you speak about your kids, I feel so much connection with you as a mother of 2 wonderful boys, maybe this was just a beginning of something amazing. Love for you and your beautiful family.

  5. Daph-Sorry to hear this news ! lil’ Tessa will be so bummed but, don’t worry, your #1 fan ain’t going anywhere 🙂 On to bigger and better things I have no doubt! And could you tell the powers that be that the triple D show really doesn’t need to be on a constant loop?;)

    team Daphne all the way!! Xo

  6. Aw, rats!!
    Disappointed. I still have the first and second season on my DVR. Just plain old fun to watch (my burgers are so much better now that I stuff’em with a small pat of butter before grilling!). Sorry you were experiencing such a difficult time in your personal life during that first season.

    Give us a good cookbook with lots of pretty pictures. I’ll be first in line to pre order it from Amazon!

  7. Sad enjoyed watching your show. Kept looking when new ones would start and found you web site. Hope you come back with something new soon!!

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