Happy Birthday to me

Gang,  This is the longest I’ve gone since a post.  It’s tough when you are in a mid life crisis, raising kids, family obligations, working, looking for more work, mourning your Food Network show, exercising, doing community work and resisting the worst President I’ve ever known.

It remind me of one of the my favorite signs from the women’s march. “ugh, Where Do I Start?”

I’m going to try and post something funny soon.  Right now I’ve been binge watching old videos from when my kids were super tiny.  They are now 8 and 11 and I’m already nostalgic for their younger selves.  So, I’ll leave you with one that has been on a loop here lately.  It’s something I made for Mark’s professional FB page years ago.  It’s so cute!!

Oh, and March 22nd is my birthday.  Thanks for being here!

Chef Peel cooks at home

on the rare day off Chef Mark Peel takes direction from HIS executive chef, his 6 year old daughter

Posted by Chef Mark Peel on Friday, October 7, 2011

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me

  1. Don’t crisis out, you’re still gorgeous, funny and talented! The Trump Train’s got a lot of the country wigged out. And screw FoodNetwork anyway, you don’t need ’em. I’d subscribe to your YouTube channel!

    I look forward to every Cool Mom email and FB post, be they hilarious, pithy, exhausted or contemplative. You have many gifts, chief among them, a really nice ability to connect with your audience on very human levels. Keep fighting the good fight. We’ll all be here to click, like, swipe, or whatever the hell it is we do this week. 😉

  2. Happy Birthday!!! The American accent is so sweet when the kids are chatting. ( I know you think we Brits have the accent ) Hope your crisis is over soon, you are BRILLIANT in so many ways!!

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