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Cool Mom

Headshot-Final-RetouchCool Mom.com is the comedic brain ooze  of Daphne Brogdon, TV host, standup comic, wife of chef and mom-of-two  and  step mom.  Started primarily as a site for comedic videos for moms.  Blogs grew along the way.  It’s not just about parenting per say, but  also humorous slants at  politics, pop culture and palate.

Cool Mom is a place where moms & dads can share a laugh over situations and stories that they can relate to. If you are new to this site watch these faves:1 or 2 or the two that tied for the Coolio award last year Rex’s wallet service and Just one.



Created by: Daphne Brogdon

Daphne Brogdon - host of MomBrain.tv
Daphne Brogdon  has appeared on numerous television series, she has hosted “The X show” on FX, “Perfect Partner” on Discovery and “The Fashion Team” on TV Guide and various other basic cable shows.  Since creating coolmom.com she has been on Dr. Phil, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN Headline, MSNBC, the Wendy Williams show. She has contributed to Pregnancy Magazine and Star Magazine.  She worked in radio for many years most notably as the producer and side kick for “The Dr. Dean Edell Show.”  She is mom to daughter Vivien and son Rex, and stepmom to her chef-husband Mark Peel‘s three kids.  Like Coolmom on Facebook

14 thoughts on “what’s this site about?

  1. Hi Daphne! I just stumbled across your stuff this week, by clicking on the muffintop video you made that I found thru Shannon Bradley-Colleary on the huffpost, where I write. I love love love it! Today, when I looked at your site for the first time, I saw the scarf thing and cracked up. Great minds think alike, since that was sort of like my latest post… which is the better accessory, a scarf or a husband? I’d like to post your video on fb. Bu, alas, I don’t know how. ;)
    Anyway, nice chatting with you. Keep up the funny. Julie

    • Thank you so much. I will check you out. Click on “moms with scarves” and it will go to the you tube. either copy and paste the url or hit “share” and it will be easy. please share away!

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  3. Hello..I saw the Ricki Lake show and I was sooo pleased to see that i’m not the only one losing my mind.(lmao). I was a very young teen mom and now i have a toddler (3yr. old…along w/ 10 yr old) and I really enjoyed hearing stories of mom’s losing their temper and knowing I’m not alone…ie:popping eye blood vessels..just trying to get kids to bed…and hearing mom’s dirty confessions on the show really helped me to just try and have other mom’s to talk to helps soo much…Thanks again!

  4. Hi
    I am sending you a piece of mine that is running online in The Washington Post – A Good Enough Life – it’s an adaptation of a lecture I gave at St. Mary’s College called Notes to My Daughter: On being a Woman. Here’s the link — http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/why-women-should-embrace-a-good-enough-life/2013/04/18/4b2b086c-a5db-11e2-a8e2-5b98cb59187f_story.html

    I have been blown away in the last day by the deluge of emotional responses I have been getting from women and men – who are struggling to get the balance right. I know you write thoughtfully about women and families and I thought you might like it.

    A bit about me: I’m a writer (author of Divided Lives, former staff writer New Yorker Magazine and Washington Post) and mother, wife – and everything maker…..

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