who knew?

Who Knew?

That if your husband decides to clean out the garage it would take him two weeks and still not be done?

Who Knew that when he leaves out old stereo equipment and the DVD’s and VHS of your career there would be a freak July rainstorm and he didn’t think to cover these things?

Who Knew?

That the 140 times you thought, “I have to get those VHS transferd” would have been time wasted because now they are probably ruined.

Who Knew?

That you would want to force your kids to watch those tapes because this morning your 4 year old said that unlike Handy Manny “mommy, you and I don’t have a job”.

Who Knew?

I would tell my son that I do work, but “that my main job is taking care of you and Vivien.” Who Knew that would come as a surprise to me as I said it.

Who Knew that my house would end of up looking like the Clampetts.

Happy Anniversary to me.. happy anniversary to me…

Today it’s 8 years I’ve been married.  By far my longest romantic relationship.

I had Vivien in my personal oven when we wed in our ( then) living room so I’m taking her to our celebratory dinner.  Seems only right.

my dad and sister supporting

I love this picture of my dad so happy.  He was trying to be modern about me being pregnant without a wedding ring, but he was greatly relieved when we tied the knot.  Marriage is not a walk in a park.  I wouldn’t have been mature enough to deal with the peaks and valleys of sharing my life if I had done it earlier.

Glad I waited.


Mad dream

You know those dreams that seem so real they are hard to shake?  Last night I had one and I was going to clobber my husband in the morning, except that Rex’s body was half draped across his. Nice the boy protects his father.

I get up hours before Mark does so I had had coffee and breakfast and was able to calm down enough to tell him about my dream.

“We didn’t have any kids yet and you hadn’t lost your money yet. We had just gotten married and where staying a fancy hotel, but you also had an Asian girlfriend.”

Mark, ” I like where this dream is going.”

“No, it was a terrible dream, because on our first day of marriage you told me that tomorrow me and your young daughter-”


“Yeah, Oliver was a girl.”

“Named Oliva?”

Exasperated, “She didn’t have a name I was just going to have to mind her while spent a night with your Asian girlfriend.  I was fuming and you didn’t see anything wrong with it.”

“I have a lot of nerve.”

“Yes, you do.  I was bathed in expensive clothes and jewelery and then it occurred to me that I could leave you.  I didn’t have kids with you and I would leave you.  I walked in to the closet where you were and told you so.  You still didn’t get why I wasn’t okay with this arrangement and then I screamed, “who do you think I am ___ ____”  I screamed the name of a women my father had a very icky relationship with that adversely affected my family of origin.

“You were really angry.”  Mark said.

Then I let him have his first cup of coffee.

On the way to school Vivien asked if I had put the meatloaf I had made for dinner the night before in her lunch as she had asked.

“Oh, sweetie, daddy ate the last of it.  But, today is taco day!” normally a winner.  Not today.

“Waaa, I wanted the meatloaf!”  I had a brief thrill that she was so excited about my meatloaf.  But, she was now spiraling down a sensitive little girl path that meant dropping her off at school would not go smoothly.  I called Mark.

“You ate all of the meatloaf, right?”  He had.  The phone was on speaker so he could hear the sobs.  Yes, he had actually done something wrong for real. Well, eating dinner in his own home when he is hungry might not qualify, but it would have to do.

I assured her I would make the loaf of wonder again tonight.

As good as it is, I hope it doesn’t give me bad dreams.

Women are bitches, men are checked out

That has been one of the cornerstones of my life philosophy for the last, hmm, 10, 12 years.  Can’t remember when that penny dropped, but had it not I don’t know that I ever could have gotten married.  Knowing this helped me prep for marriage and not be as hard on my husband as I might have otherwise been.  Even when he screws up and makes me crazy, I KNOW, they are ALL like that.

So, I did a video not that long ago called “raising boys”.  It’s starting point was an essay written by a dad blogger, Thomas Matlack.  Thomas got in touch with me afterward and we had a good phone discussion about being parts of blended families and other aspects of our domestic life.  I really like his blog and his writing and he suggested we do a he said/ she said thing on his site.  I brought up this “bitches/ checked out” thing and he liked it so this is our first foray.

Here is the link to the result of it.  Love to know your thoughts.  I hope we do more of them.

Little Gems

How this gorgeous gem escaped my grasp before I don’t know.  Mark was getting some professional shots done for PR for Campanile or a magazine, I can’t remember.  I walked down with Rex when he was, gee, maybe 5 months, and we got snapped too.  Does it look like Rex is having second thoughts about the parents he chose? funny

I think I share this with other moms… especially mom’s who also work outside the home.. you look at your husband and think — or scream– “why am I always in charge of the kids?” I’m balancing how I am going to get work, social, errands done while taking care of their schedule while Mark walks out the door because he has an appointment and that is that. My husband is so mean that when I complained about it he agreed, “yes you are right”. Bastard. I wanted to foam at the mouth.
But, not much changed. So this week I tried something new. I announced that he was in charge of the schedule Friday and Saturday. Saturday I got my hair done, went to the gym and he ON HIS OWN planned this cute little trip with them to a place where they can catch trout. Here are my beauties fishing.IMG00180-20101204-1426.jpg
Okay, I’ve had enough alone time. You can all come back now.


The bummer about the interweb is the swiftness that one can find how unoriginal they are.  I thought, hey over on Momversation we finally showed that one about MILF’s, why not play on the idea of a DILF?  Then I find this.  Really, how hard is it to change one word in an acronym? This entry was from 2003.  My defense is that I have been sleep deprived since 2005.

When I go to a park with my kids the adult companions are usually moms, nannies and grandmas.  But, what if one day, maybe a Saturday, there was a park filled with hot divorced dads.  Just some good eye-candy to break up the day.  These days looking is enough of a buzz.  Because beyond even that marriage thing, who has energy for more?

Divorced moms

…or girls STILL just wanna have fun.

Most women aspire to be partnered for life, but is that where the hi jinxs live?  Even when you attain something you want – marriage, kids – the grass can occasionally seem greener.  It’s like I was so broken hearted when we had to sell our home, but now that we rent and I see some maintnence issue I breathe a sigh of relief, “I don’t have to pay for it!”  I’m not paying that property tax bill.

Single moms can feel like they have stink on them and not be included in couple outings.  I love single moms.  My husband works so much at night that I rely on them to be the gals who can go out for dinner or come over with their kids and eat with us.  They don’t have to check in with the ball and chain.  But, sometimes these pals are occupied.  They are occupied with their new, cute boyfriends.


Dark Toast

As parents we see our little ones flip out like over the tiniest things, “I wanted to push the button, waaaa!” As we mature we learn to let the little things in life roll off our back.  It’s not worth it, right?  Pick your battles, don’t sweat the small stuff all that jazz.


Sometimes we humans, us sleep deprived humans, cannot help ourselves.  Then the volcano within explodes.  Because one to many indignities have been visited upon us.  How much can one person take?

(side bar:  this vid came to together organically.  It was a real situation and I checked myself and said, “Turn on the camera, I smell Cool Mom.”  Mark had just happened to come home then and was about to walk in the back door.  As I did this video he was doubled over laughing.  Because the truth is funny.)

4th of July

When 4th of July arrives a few things spring to mind: crap, it’s really the summer!  Did I make any vacation reservations? Oh, it’s too late.  Hmm, what can I scramble together? Didn’t get in bikini shape …again.

The next thing I think about is the day before, July 3rd.  Which I reminded Mark this morning is our 5th anniversary. We had both forgotten.  Then we get the “Wow, we should do something.” Sigh, more planning.

That’s a gig for more prosperous times, “The anniversary fairy”, so neither partner has to plan. The Anniversary Fairy takes care of it for you.  You know to keep the date clear and then the day of she gives you your itenarary.  Dinner at such and such, hotel room, flowers.  Has photos of you in your wedding dress framed and waiting in the room.  Is anyone writing this down?  (Oh, I am! I think it’s a great idea!)

I digress.. I was about to complain about a holiday I would love to love more.. 4th of July.  Happy Birthday America.