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"I'm just chillin in my mommy, oh yeah."

Chatted with a pediatrician the other day. Not our own, but Dr. Bhargava …..  She is the spokesperson for Web MD’s new pregnancy app. Which is available for free.

It was well timed as Rex was home sick. He had been throwing up for a couple of days, but no fever.  So, my first question was,  no point in calling a doctor, right?  Basically, the answer was yes, just keep him hydrated.  I told her I was having a “Black Smoke” day, NOTHING was getting done.  I was wiped out.  Then I moved beyond my immediate life

TIRED MOM BLOGGER: As a pediatrician you want to take care of kids, but you end up having to  treat the parents in a sense.  Is that a drag?

Dr Bhargava: No, they are key stake holders.  They have to be comfortable with the information they get.

ME: ( still digging for the parent dig) Is that difficult, because you wanted to help children and now you have to deal with these adults?

THE PERSON WITH WAY MORE EDUCATION THAN I:  I like talking to parents.  It’s team work.  I’m one of the team members. It’s a priviledge.

ME GETTING TO THE SELLING POINT: Now you have this app, which I would have loved when I was pregnant because I was going online all the time to check the size of the baby and check my experience as compared to other women.   It does feel like there are so many more things available to a pregnant woman, than just 4 years ago. Is pregnancy more popular right now, or what? Is there a hunger for information or to curate that information?

DR:  There is a hunger for information on a variety of health issues.  There is a lot of information coming at people and you have to be careful who you are getting it from.  You want it based on facts.  This is a great way to get this.  WEB MD updates there information regularly.

ME WHILE DRINKING MORE COFFEE: What’s one of the big missing component that pregnant women aren’t getting?

DR: ( she didn’t think anything was missing) One thing this helps with is to remember what to ask your doctor during your visits.  It also helps keep your memories of the pregnancy.  What was your craving, things like that.

WOMEN WHO STUDIED IMPROV: Since you are a working mom, what did you do on days you had to go in a practice medicine when you had been up with your child?  When you were having a black smoke day?

WOMEN WHO STUDIED MEDICINE: (laughed) I love the black smoke days.  I’m going to borrow that from you.  I’ve had so many of those.  I thought when my kids were over 3 I was over those sleepless nights, but as they get older you are up for different reasons.  Look, moms need to take care of themselves.  They are the center of households and they need to take the time to destress.

So that was the interview, no here is the giveaway!!  If you are a new parent, or know one.  Leave your name and I will randomly pick a name on Friday to get this new app and other great things to have when you have a baby.

1.     Swaddling blankets:  SwaddleDesign Ultimate Receiving Blanket

2.     Digital thermometer:  Vick’s Baby Rectal Thermometer

3.     Towel & Washcloth:  Aden & Anais La Mer Towel & Washcloth

4.     WebMD magazine most recent issue

5.     Other collateral from WebMD on pregnancy (Note: I don’t know what collateral they plan to send, hopefully not collateral damage)

Leave your name and if you win that’s a white smoke day!


Moo business cards ( give a way) WINNER PICKED

THANKS TO ALL FOR PLAYING!  The winner is Hippittie ( aka Jill)  ENJOY YOUR MOO CARDS, I  LOVE MINE.

Want to win free business cards? How about  3 sets of 100 business cards and also a StickerBook (180 stickers). Pretty colors, nice card stock.

This grown up thing sort of throws me sometimes.  I should put on make up, oh, but running to get the kids out the door.
I should not wear a track suit…oh, but see above.

People ask me for a buisness card.  Um, I don’t have any.
I use to have cards that Deca ( the company that I partnered with to create cool mom and momversation) made for me.  They ran out a while ago and I’m more of a contributor/freelancer there now than partner, so I’m on my own. I’ve been scribbling my info on post it’s or taking my husband’s biz cards and writing my number and email on them.  Shoddy, really shoddy.  I didn’t want to go get the cheap kind I had years ago.  The one with the generic logo of a plumber or a rose that you can get at Staple like stores.  Blah card stock.

So, enter  Last year they asked me if needed some cards of any sort and could we partner for a give a way.  Months later I finally pulled the trigger.  I wanted to try out their site and product before I would share it. I am happy to say their site is VERY easy to navigate for making business cards.  I wanted the mini cards.  I uploaded a picture easily.  The same on I use on bio page ( thanks TV Guide for hiring the pro photog for that session back when you employed me.)  I picked a color that went with my site and done.  They arrived promptly and very nicely displayed.  of course in my house they look like this now:


But, when they arrived they looked like this:

So, this goes with my 2012 theme of REINVENTION.  Is it time to for you to take yourself seriously and get some business cards.  If you are a stay at home mom, you need them.  Why scribble crap down, being a parent is a job.  Are you a jack of all trades, freelancer, SAHM like me?  Well, make up a title or don’t put one.  I chose “vlogger/humorist”.  I figured that encompasses my other work in case I’m allowed back on TV or radio again.

I need cards also because my handwriting is like a seriel killer. People say “I couldn’t send you an email,it bounced back.”  (because my writing is cryptic better suited for “look for the bodies over here”) Oh, the lost opportunities!  Ellen, try again, I love JC Penny.

2012 is Reinvention year, give yourself whatever title you want. Leave a serious or joke title below and you will be entered to win a set of gift cards from Moo. My sister said this is confusing, just comment anything, I want to win, HI Daphne, whatever and you will be entered to win.
I’ll start : rocket scientist,  globe trotter, chanteuse.

3 sets of 100 business cards and also a StickerBook (180 stickers) WIN


Good Luck.
So, leave a comment…now.

Getting Kids into cooking : Give-a-Way!


I want my kids to like to cook.  I want them to know that things, let’s call them “ingredients” go into something they eat. It’s why I like them to go pick things from our garden. It’s why, even though it takes longer to get the oatmeal out, I like when they “help” me. I like that they know, yes, this is a raw piece of meat we are going to season and then eat. Food doesn’t come from a box.
toast tite

It’s also why I said, Yes, send me that sandwich press thingy to review.  It’s Toas-Tite.
toast tite
They say it’s a replica of the original from the 1940’s. ( you had me at the slogan “we are so yesterday”)).  I guessed my kids would be into making sandwiches with it.
I guessed right.  We had to make two sandwiches so they could each make their own, even though they can’t finish a full sandwich.

See how they love it? And they are ready if we have an intruder
toast tite
How we did it:
1) butter or oil the inside of the pan
2) place bread on one side of toast tite, then the ham, cheese, whatever.  Here is an example of a Rueben.
3) squish together. The kids like the assembly part, but they really like the smash, squish part.  The outside edges of the bread are now no longer needed.  I suggest cutting them off.  If you don’t they will catch fire, no big deal, but maybe your smoke alarm will go off.
4) Adult person hold the “grill” over the flame.  The instructions said 30 seconds each side.. no, longer.  We liked it when we did about 2 minutes each side.  Then you get the crispy rings on the outside like the picture and it’s melty inside.
5) pop it out and slice in half.
6) Eat.  Minimal clean up.

So, here is the deal You, yes you!  Can win a Toas-tite.  I just ask that you “like” my Facebook page coolmomdotcom.  If you are one of the few ( like my sisters) that aren’t on FB follow me on twitter or leave me a comment here telling me what is your favorite sandwich.  Actually, I want to know what all your favorite sandwiches are and I need you to comment below so if you win I have an email to notify you.
This is ironic considering my husband presides over an famous night in LA restaurantdom, Campanile’s grilled cheese night.

He doesn’t use a Toas-tite, but he thinks it fine if we do.
Winner announced MONDAY am.  ( note: if you win you have 48 hours after I email you to respond. If you don’t I will pick another winner)  Good Luck!