annoying celebrities part XXXVVII

Look, I’ve been signing every gun control petition I can find.  I am a big old lefty on this issue.  The nut jobs and unfettered access to big ammo and big guns is ruining it for the hunter or the careful gun owner who keeps his or her gun safely stored.

My imitation of TV corpse. Though they would never kill off a woman who wasn't wearing make up and she would have to be more fulsome

However, I also find it hard to watch anything on TV that doesn’t have guns, or glorified dead bodies.  When someone likes a movie I always ask, “is there a rape, child in danger, excessive violence?”  I don’t care if it’s taken an Oscar I will probably not like it. Now, I do like a good Bond film and a fun chase scene.

However, I’m such a pokey driver I brake for yellows.  I don’t think there is always cause and affect.  Except with this:

Self righteous celebrities +shot in black and white + serious faces = annoying

Shortly after the beyond tragic shooting at Sandy Hook some celebs did a video in black and white saying “we could do better”.  One of them was Mariska Hargitay.  I’m sure she is a good person, however I was like, are you kidding me, Hargitay?  Her show “Law and Order: SVU” is gore porn. It’s vial.  Every episode is about a sexual assault/ murder often on minors.  Clicking around sometimes I see a few seconds, hear or see something disgusting and then quickly click away.  It’s a hit show, so a lot of sick people who “could do better” are watching it as well.

So, they made a longer pro gun control video ( again, an aim I’m all for ) with Self righteous celebrities +shot in black and white+ serious faces.  Then a guy posted on you tube his version.  In this edited version he splices in scenes of when the actors are glorifying guns and violence as they plead for us to act to end guns and violence in real life. It’s dark, ironic humor, but effective. I have linked to a sanitized version of this video.  The guy that did it totally blows his message at the end of another version making the rounds of the web by playing a horrible song that says something along the lines of “kill a celebrity”.  Uh, dude, undercutting your message.

Here is the version without the gross song at the end.

Do I still want restrictions on big ammo and big guns? Yes. I also like violent shows and adult themes to be moved to 10pm at night like in the old days.  I feel so Tipper Gore.


Jacked Up Reacher

It started out so promising.  My husband and I were going for a quick bite and a movie.  We even ran into friends at the restaurant which meant we actually had fun bater as opposed to procedural married talk.  Why is it we are more fun with others?  The night seemed so good.

But, then it all went so wrong I forced Mark to vlog with me as soon as we got home.  I blame him. I also blame Tom Cruise. I blame Rosamund Pike’s eyebrows

Yes, her breasts were hiked up the whole time, just like her eyebrows


How to be a mom

Though this year has been a tad challenging in the work department ( oh, two restaurants closing, stuff like that) I’m fired up that the web series I did with Cafe Mom is going to be debuting soon.  Here is the promo for it and it cracks me up.  You can see Mark, Oliver, Rex, Vivien.  You see my alter ego who bridges the action.   I really hope you all like this send up of helpful advice and please subscribe to the Cafe Mom Studios you tube channel, watch and share my vids and hopefully I’ll get to do more. ( my friend Karen Walrond just did a series with them as well)

Ben’s balloons

Last year I did 3 events at The Tar Pit, our now shuttered bar and restaurant, called Cocktails and Crayons. An especially big hit on mother’s day it featured great food and drink for all ages, and the best balloon artist I have ever seen. Ben Gordon is a sweet heart. He is a tall young man who is really skilled with balloons. My mom remarked that his creations would make great centerpieces.
At the Tar Pit events after he had doled out characters to the kids adults would would ask if he would come to their table and do something for them. Perhaps part of my fascination is that this takes the kind of crafty, spatial arrangement skills I was not born with. He is very patient with kids, and adults who have had a few drinks.

I asked him to make a house call for Rex and be interviewed in the studio.

Ben is available for parties- young or old—and if you are in the LA area I highly recommend him. If you mention coolmom he will give you a discount to boot. Check out his FB pager after the vid.

The Coolios 2011! The Cool Mom Awards

Did you think awards season was over? Oh, no.  Enough with the Oscars and those other amateurs.  Now it’s time to judge the best of a tiny web series made in a women’s house!!

It’s time for the 2nd annual Cool Mom Awards.  Now, this is will require you do a little work, but it will be fun!  I need you to look at three playlist. They will go quickly and since this is the best of the best of Cool Mom I think you will enjoy it. Perhaps you missed some over the last year. Now, is your chance to catch up on the best of Cool Mom.  The nominees were based on  very scientific subjective criteria.

1) video views

2) comments

3) what still made me and my producer Michelle laugh.

Okay, watch this vid and then click on the playlists and VOTE.  Please leave your votes here.

We are all stars!!
( about 14 min)

Best Videos with Mark ( about 3 min)

(running time about 9 min)

I’m hoping for a star studded award show when the winner’s are announced!!!

Please vote for your faves in the three categories.  Enjoy watching the best of Coolmom’11.  I know I did!


Getting Organized with Martha

Happy New Year!

Is one of your resolutions to get more organized?  You are not alone.  Ever wish a professional organizer would come to your house and set you right?  Of course, but my that would be a lot of money.  Would their advice be practical?  Something you can live with?

Well, I was thinking how great it would be if Martha Stewart organized my life ( actually she would run back to prison if she saw how scattered I am).  But, I don’t know her and she has bigger fish to fry.  So I did the next best thing.  I channeled Martha.

So, here “Martha” give you a great tip on decluttering your home.

Bon Annee!

Reunions: A YouTube Playlist

Thanksgiving inspired this playlist. If none of these vids make you teary eyed, don’t worry. It just means you don’t have a heart. I start of light… a little “Sound of Music” reunion anyone?

We have so much to be grateful for!  I’m grateful for people who come to coolmom!

Lady Shows

Ah, that sweet hour. The kids have finally gone to sleep. I have brushed my teeth, washed my face, put on my nightgown and thrown moisturizing product in a vain attempt to fight the aging process. I climb into bed and decide which of my DVR’d shows I will watch tonight. It’s my time, me time.  But, once in a while, my hardworking chef husband is home to share this magic hour before slumber befalls us. Will he partake in my favorite shows?

In my “lady shows”?

I can hear Lou Rawls singing.. “Lady Shows”…


It’s You Tube Tuesday!  I am doing these playlists for Momversation, but I wanted to highlight this one here because it’s particularly delish.

Shut the door for five and have a little me time with yourself and Mr. George Clooney.  Yes, George, I finally featured you on Cool Mom, just like you have been asking.