Volunteering at School Lunch

Oh, the best laid plans.  I volunteer a fair bit at my daughter’s school, but one day I did hot lunch.  (It’s a shift I had to give up because it fell during Rex’s nap time. I would drive over to the school with him, he would fall asleep and I would spend an hour plus sitting in my car with him, not helping out.)

Surely, my daughter would be happy to see her mother nearby. Her mother involved in her school. In her LIFE.  It’s not like she is a teenager, cringing as I help out at every available event in her high school (which I will do if I am underemployed like now).  She is in kindergarten. Oh, what fun this will be!

My home is a stand-in for the school.

Grading Parents

Is it just me or is it impossible for a woman to spoof a politician without coming across as a Hillary Clinton/Sarah Palin hybrid?

Though I’m spoofing the format of political news conferences in this video, I actually wanted to say, “I hear you” to the legislation that prompted this piece.  I noticed, in a couple of places online, writers were deriding a certain piece of legislation that proposed to grade parents.

I am betting we all know some who would get a thumbs down.

Also, for some reason, teachers have become enemy number one — like they caused the financial meltdown, sold speculative investments and started two foreign wars.  Oh, yes, those wiley teachers with their $40,000-a-year salary and need for Sharpies. They are so terrible.  Geez.

School Dazed

Post Holiday Vacation… it’s tough to get back in the swing of things.  I’m thinking of myself here.  Getting breakfast made, lunches ready, humans dressed, shower is a challenge with two parents who have to read two newspapers even if the house is on fire.

But, for Vivien it’s also hard to go back to school.  Even though she likes her school.  “Mommy, when I go to school I don’t see my family as much.  I like to see my family.”  No wonder people home school.  It was nice to have her home.  I wish Kindergarten were a shorter day.

So, this is one of then times I tried to motivate her for school.  I was not succesful.

Note on language in this one:  The first time my dad saw my mom in grad school he said, “Hello, Scholar!” The rest is history.

Momversation: When Volunteering is Involuntary

I don’t know why, my sound came out so much worse than Dana or Jessica’s.   In a nutshell, this is about Jessica being irked by the forced community service her daughter’s school has that creates more work for her.  It’s funny that the three here all have chosen different educational paths.  My daughter goes to public school, Jessica’s go to private school and Dana home schools.

What do you think?  Have you encountered this issue at your school? I think there is a list of this and that a school asks you to do and sometimes I’m all for it and other times I sit it out. Like the Cultural day planned smack dab in the middle of the holidays on a day I already have plans, I’m not jumping in on that one.  But, hey look at my landscaping!

And I need to add my extra mic.

Private School

Look, private schools can be great, BUT I came across a tiny blog that I don’t even want to mention where the mother writing actually said  FOR REAL many of the things I say here in parody.  Am I the only public school mother who gets teed when private school parents act like I’m the little kid who smells like pee?

My blather is not near as effective as satire, that’s what I say.

Beautiful Mom

There is much in the media about mom’s being competitive.  I think it is overstated. I can see when someone is richer, smart, thinner than me and maybe if I was younger I would try to trump them.  Now, it’s like, oh, wish I was thin, rich, whatever.  But, here I am.  And sometimes a mom rises above the crowd, not in a bad way, but in a way you have to admire.

School Search

When I first started thinking about where to send Vivien to elementary school I would talk to other parents about what they were thinking. I often said, “Hey, I’m not going to stress; I know it’s all going to be fine where ever we send her.” That was the point in the conversation where the other parent was suppose to say, “Right, totally.” Or nod. Or do something other than what they did do which was looked appalled that I wasn’t freaking out about this issue.

What’s the matter here? I thought. Well, the pod people eventually got me.  Yes, I have lost sleep over this issue.. just a little

Momversation: Private vs Public Schools

There is so much to be said on this topic. But Alice made a good point when she said that what can make a school good is often unquantifiable. Did I spell that write? Not sure if my school was any good.

Here is the dead truth about what I think is wrong with most public schools that NO ONE talks about: architecture. Seriously. One of the reasons I hustled and graduated early is because public school buildings are NOT built to the environment. They are created by the same people who build prisons. They are beat, yucky, not a place you want to matriculate, let alone take a dump. Sorry, but it’s true. I used to hold my sphincter in till after 3 in high school because of the gross bathrooms.

Architecture does affect people. One of my first reporting assignments I did in radio was to interview high schoolers from South Central in the aftermath of the LA Riots. These were the good kids. Not rioters. They were seniors who would graduate. But they said, basically, look, where we live is ugly. There are no trees; there are mostly liquor stores. It makes us feel disrespected that we live in this environment, so while we don’t think it’s a good idea to burn this place down, we understand why someone would.

I often think of that.

I mention my mother’s high school in this piece. It’s called Venture School. Her school is small, but she has helped many people over the years. But, you know, I’m biased.