Preparing for Thanksgiving

Once again I’m hosting Thanksgiving.  Family from halfway across the globe will be in my house. I’m starting to get a tad nervous.

Extra wine glasses- needed

Have enough chairs? – too nervous to count

Plates?–maybe I should bite the bullet and rent this year.    Last year I did a nice series of vids with cafe mom.  One was about this very issue.  It’s time to rerun it.  As they say in hack branded videos, “What are you doing to get ready?”

How to do a Great Thanksgiving

Just in time for the holidays!  tips you can use.  My latest vid with Cafe Mom  is all about having a great thanksgiving.  We didn’t even get to my Turkey Trot Trivia with desert!

Don’t stress, here is how to have a fun Thanksgiving!

Campanile is closing: Roller coaster

I have felt like a jet pilot having to keep focus on the task at hand as missles are coming at me.  Steady.  I had to get some work that was on deadline as my sister Carole called, “Is it true?”  She said with pain in her voice.

“yes, it is”.  I had to hang up.

Word was leaked to the press that my husband’s famed restaurant is closing.  ( Just today a wonderful look at Campanile by Jonathan Gold and it’s impact was published in the LA Times)  It didn’t come out of the blue as he has been unable to secure a lease in years.

My stepson called from college that he heard about it from a text from a friend who had read about it.

Mark and his former wife Nancy Silverton started Campanile and La Brea Bakery more than 23 years ago.  They were a smash hit.  They had met at Spago and brought their collective talent to this project (after their divorce he bought her out and she went on to do other successful restaurants).   La Bakery was sold in 2001. They also must leave the space.

I feel like I have been on a roller coaster of feelings.  I’m trying to enjoy the place while it is here and express appreciation to the people who make it work.  But, one day soon when I drive by it’s shuttered doors it’s going to be like looking at a corpse.

Stealing ingredients

Ah, to be in Europe walking along cobblestone streets eating fresh bread and Gouda.  That crash back to reality has set in.  Going through a home improvement store, praying someone helps me find the box that goes with the toilet while I yell at my kids to stop climbing on the shelves, more driving than walking, asphalt streets with pot holes.

Part of normal ife is cooking at home.  At least if I’m back to making dinners at home again I know who to steal from.  When you travel you don’t know.

I present roast chicken ala theft.  How do you do your chicken?


My best burger

Just in time for 4th of July and summertime, my contribution to the burger wars.  Yeah, I’m back from Holland.  I will post about that once I get over my jet lag, but in a nutshell, great trip and Rex was fine at home.

Here is a cooking vid my friend Michelle shot for me a billion  years ago.  Be wary of friends who move, they disappear for months!  Thankfully, it has emerged and it gives an inkling of the great things my sister Carole use to cook for me when I was a wee one.

Forgive the shots of my dirty garage in the window.  I’m firing that production designer! Like my hair? I know, I’m going to fire my hair and make up artist as well.  The important thing is the taste of this yummy burger!!  Husband Chef Mark Peel also adds his two cents.



Banana and child

This is a great collaboration. I was trolling Fiverr ( the site where people post what they will do for five dollars) Jessica Gottlieb had told me about it and I was looking for something practical like getting a video captioned when suddenly my eyes fell on one posting, ” I will make a 50 word movie for you in Bananish”.

So my food group.

I quickly penned a short rendering of what it’s like between me and Rex when he has a poopy diaper. It takes more than 50 words to get Rex to change his diaper sometime, so I shortened it. I couldn’t even stop to count the words I was so excited to have my own custom made banana movie. The artist who did the film is called “neatpuff”. Just in case you too would like your own custom banana film.
My question is: who wouldn’t?

Recessionista: Leftovers

How to make that dollar stretch further in your kitchen?  Repurpose the leftovers.  Full disclosure: I have learned to make this dish much better since I shot it a few weeks ago.. and no it’s not a frittata, it’s a scramble. My brains were scrambled. I’m no Sandra Lee or Paula Dean ( thank god), but I do have a great apron.

I pride myself on giving recession tips that aren’t fully helpful, because I’m not fully competent.  For more dysfunctional tips see:


At least I have the two cutest sous chefs in town!

Sippy Cup Hell

To borrow the old “where’s the beef?” line…

Where’s the lid?

A drink for your kids should be so simple, but the cups and the tops get separated quicker than new socks. My kitchen drawers look like a landfill full of things that will never decompose.

Are there sippy cups with lids that stay attached? That would be a good invention.