Stinky Fridge

Funky smell, bring in the funk, bring in the smell. This is a condensed version of a real life event. It was HOURS before I could find the culprit. As we have an open kitchen the stink started to move out into the house…like the blob.

Every time someone opens the fridge the smell shoots out stronger.  But, sometimes it’s so hidden you can’t find the culprit. People can start to turn on each other.   “I looked, I don’t know where it is coming from!”.  The best part of this vid was Vivien’s brief part. I think I should have a t shirt made with this image:fridge
Stinky fridges are well discussed online. The worst smell I ever smelled in a fridge was when the power went out and the raw chicken smelled so rank I became a vegetarian for a few years.
This pic sums up how we all feel when a funk is upon us. ( not Rex, found this online)


This is why preservatives can be good. cuts down on the funk

Recessionista: Leftovers

How to make that dollar stretch further in your kitchen?  Repurpose the leftovers.  Full disclosure: I have learned to make this dish much better since I shot it a few weeks ago.. and no it’s not a frittata, it’s a scramble. My brains were scrambled. I’m no Sandra Lee or Paula Dean ( thank god), but I do have a great apron.

I pride myself on giving recession tips that aren’t fully helpful, because I’m not fully competent.  For more dysfunctional tips see:


At least I have the two cutest sous chefs in town!

Sippy Cup Hell

To borrow the old “where’s the beef?” line…

Where’s the lid?

A drink for your kids should be so simple, but the cups and the tops get separated quicker than new socks. My kitchen drawers look like a landfill full of things that will never decompose.

Are there sippy cups with lids that stay attached? That would be a good invention.

Teaching Kids About the Farmers Market

Hey, I posted this vid via a blog post awhile back; it was connected to a deal with Hillshire Farms. I felt it was good enough to tweak and run here as a feature. (Sidebar: we do buy Hillshire Farms deli meats and love the reusable containers.) I am hopeful my kids get a sense of what REAL food looks like. The bumps, the imperfections, the sweetness and full flavor.

How do you get your kids to connect with plant life? Nature? Or do you?

Do You Take Your Kids Grocery Shopping? (Ragu Sponsored)

Back with Sauce Talk!

When we shot this, I was struck by how kind, even and uncynical Christine is about her kids. When I watched the video, though, I just wanted to go put baffles in her dining room so the sound was better.

Look, most of the time going to the grocery store is a bore to me. Mostly because I do it ALL THE TIME. What’s with this eating thing around here? When they were tiny, a mashed banana and cheerios went a long way. Caroline Murphy is in the discussion as well.

So, if you have a choice… do you take the kids along for the ride?

My Food Dude

These are the people in my neighborhood…

Here is a story of one sweet man who has followed me from neighborhood to neighborhood. He has been with me through good times and hard times. He shows up with good food for me and wants to see me happy.

My husband?  No, I’m talking about The Food Dude. (since this posted the food dude asked me to leave his number in case any LA area folks wanted to check out his fine food and dear personality 562-746-5440)

Dinner on a Budget (Ragu Sponsored)

In the weeks since I shot this it seems even more relevant. Um, has anyone noticed that this non-recession is NOT letting up? Meanwhile, my kids seem to be eating more. While more costly, it does seem important to their growth to take in sustenance. I chat here with Caroline Murphy of Smarty Pants Mama and Christine Koh of Boston Mamas.  Just Mamas and the dinner issue.

So, eating on budget .. what’s your tip?

Check out to hear more ideas from Mom’s the Word!

Reality Show

If you have watched enough reality shows — and honestly, haven’t we all? — you find that the common denominator for all of them is creating conflict where there is none. Or making a mountain out of a mole hill. Whether it’s over a set up game on an island in the South Pacific or a dancing show with C-listers, magnifying drama is the genre’s stock and trade.

Having hosted reality shows, I know first hand that the drama they amplify is actually not as interesting as the actual human dramas taking place.  But that doesn’t stop them. Since I’m not named Mark Burnett or Freemantle or Magical Elves, what do I know?

I wanted to apply the formula to my life and see how it works.

Sponsored: What Are Your Go-To Veggies?

In the Ragu series I’ve been a part of a big goal is for parents to pass on nuggets of wisdom about getting their kids to eat healthy meals. So, I was all ears for the topic of getting kids to eat vegetables.  I found out that I’m not doing too bad.  Also, Vivien loved her fish and shrimp last night so I really feel like I have a good eater.

Of course, Rex ate one potato and ran screaming from the table.  Oh, well.  Take the victories where you can. Kim Tracy Prince and Caroline Murphy are the bloggers on the Versation with me.

What are your go to veggies?  Go to to join the conversation.

*This video was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador in Ragú® Mom’s the Word on Dinner Program.