Valentine’s Day

I think the day I would like to have is Sit-on-the-Couch day. I’ve been nursing a cough… Rex and I have mommy and me coughs right now. Before I had kids, if I felt off I could put on my pajama pants, my worn sweatshirt from the ’80s, and watch trash TV on the couch while I ate chicken soup.

Well, that ain’t going to happen. But, oh, if it could. That’s the gift I would want.

Quaker Oats Create Your Day Update

For every oatmeal creation that is made on their Web site (up to 25,000), Quaker Oats will donate $1 to Share Our Strength, which goes to feeding hungry children.  We are more than halfway to our goal of 25,000 oatmeal creations and can get to 25K with your continued help! We’re almost there!  So, go to Quaker Create Your Day, and make an oatmeal creation.  Thanks!

Boobie? No Thank You

Everyone has their thing that really bugs. Like people sticking their fingers in their mouth or likewise fidgeting with their fingers to get at some imagined piece of annoying flesh drives me UP the wall.

I also think a wife should go through her ENTIRE married life without ever having to witness her husband floss his teeth.

(Cut to shot of me sitting in bed reading and to the side of me is the bathroom door, open with husband flossing. “Oh, for the love of God, shut the door!”)

Here is another one of these peccadilloes of mine.

Holiday Lights

There are so many things to examine at this time. Fruit cake is a comedy go to. Everyone has aspects of the holidays they like and others that set their teeth on edge. After we have all been through this routine so many times, is there anything left to enjoy?

Note: the camera I try to use use for most of my vids showed up with missing parts, so I had to use a more basic one with no detached mic. Thus the hissing quality in this video (and probably some more the next few weeks)


When is the right age for kids to have sleepovers? Now, we are not talking a famous pop star inviting Vivien to his big ranch. Nice kid, nice family. Do you let your kids have sleepovers? Either at your house or elsewhere?

My niece was 6 when she had sleepovers with Vivien. She would arrive quite bravely with her little suitcase and never had a qualm. But then I’m her aunt, so I think there are different rules. But should there be?

Tops of Escalators

Probably another symptom of sleep deprivation. Here, exposed. My deep dark secret. Sigh. Well, now you know it all. And I couldn’t have done this in a less flattering angle. But anything for my art! My video explains it, but here is a good piece by a British writer about her fear of escalators and how she overcame it. She feels dizzy. I don’t feel that; it’s more a concern for my children and a bit me. Uh, I feel so ashamed. Like I just admitted I wet my bed. Did you know there is a name for fear of escalators? It’s called Escalaphobia.

Here is some stuff from  Italics are mine.

Elevator Myths & Fears

  • MYTH: The biggest myth about escalators is that you don’t have to pay much attention to them. TRUTH: Escalators are six-ton moving machines and should be treated as such. Pay the same attention to an escalator as you would to a moving bus.
    Oh, great, that makes me feel a lot better.
  • MYTH: The steps will flatten out and all the people will slide down. TRUTH: This is impossible. Each step is a full triangular structure consisting of tread and riser supported on a track and cannot flatten out.
    But can it claw at you?
  • MYTH: Many times people think that escalators move too fast.TRUTH: They move at only normal walking speed. The misconception is probably due to the visual perception created when you are standing still and everything else appears to be moving.
    I can’t hear you I’m heading for the stairs.
  • MYTH: Children often think that the steps fall into the basement and have to be restacked every morning. TRUTH: Escalator steps move on an endless chain system. At the bottom they rotate under and over up the underside of the chain to reappear at the top.
    Over crushed bones
  • MYTH: Escalators can reach out and grab you. TRUTH: No part of an escalator can do this. But people must be careful of loose clothes, untied or long shoelaces, high heels, long hair, long jewelry, etc. because these can get caught in an escalator’s machinery.
    See I told you!
  • MYTH: Escalators will stop and restart themselves. TRUTH: Escalators only stop if they are stopped by the specially designed STOP button, or if there is an obstruction or over speed. Once stopped, escalators can only be restarted by someone with a restart key.
    Hmm, maybe I should stop it, then I could get on.
  • MYTH: If an escalator is standing still, it is just a set of stairs. TRUTH: Not at all! Escalator steps are not the correct height for normal walking and should not be used in that manner. The risk of tripping and falling is increased
  • Yeah, but great for working your glutes.