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Okay, I made it harder this year, sorry, but let’s streamline the process.  I have cut out two of the nominees because they have gotten no votes and or lower views.  So, Here watch the remaining choices for BEST TOPICAL COOL MOM VIDEO OF 2011. The in the COMMENT section say which one you like.  On Thursday I will do the same for the Overal Funny Category.  Okay.  So now, click play.

Thank you

The Coolios 2011! The Cool Mom Awards

Did you think awards season was over? Oh, no.  Enough with the Oscars and those other amateurs.  Now it’s time to judge the best of a tiny web series made in a women’s house!!

It’s time for the 2nd annual Cool Mom Awards.  Now, this is will require you do a little work, but it will be fun!  I need you to look at three playlist. They will go quickly and since this is the best of the best of Cool Mom I think you will enjoy it. Perhaps you missed some over the last year. Now, is your chance to catch up on the best of Cool Mom.  The nominees were based on  very scientific subjective criteria.

1) video views

2) comments

3) what still made me and my producer Michelle laugh.

Okay, watch this vid and then click on the playlists and VOTE.  Please leave your votes here.

We are all stars!!
( about 14 min)

Best Videos with Mark ( about 3 min)

(running time about 9 min)

I’m hoping for a star studded award show when the winner’s are announced!!!

Please vote for your faves in the three categories.  Enjoy watching the best of Coolmom’11.  I know I did!


Occupy My House

Sure, lots of left leaning folks watched in horror as Mayor Bloomberg cleared the campers of Occupy Wall Street. I’m 100% with the 99% and its message against economic inequality and politics spooning big banks  while hustle for a hand holding. But when you have someone who is demanding, sleeps, eats and poops all in the same place, well, one can get frustrated.

Maybe this “‘movement” will mature or at least try the potty?

Our Reporter Daphne Brogdon is standing by, Daphne?

The Mid Morning Show with Cool Mom: Hail to the Chief!

Oh, yes, when the big guy drops by your house you have to keep him there for more. In my continued attempt to bring my salute (parody) to TV chat shows I am fortunate to have President Obama come and sit on my couch.

You know what?  He is as human as any of us.

Note: this Obama was all improvised and I think really gets the flavor of how the President tries to frame things.

Personalizing the News

So many ways to take this. You can get all Nancy Grace and dole out your contempt to those who transgress, or weep at a story of a dead solider or lost child.

Some stories are too far away to be relatable and some make little logical sense. This morning, a picture of an Afghan solider caused me to think, “Wow, he sure looks like Josh Brolin with a receding hairline.

How do you personalize the news?

Bin Laden is Still Dead

Yes, it’s true, he is still dead. No video has been released. Take that, conspiracy theorists. It was kind of a big story a while back. It even eclipsed the royal wedding. Was there a honeymoon? No one cared. The question was, “was there a picture of dead Bin Laden?”

Visions of his bullet-blasted brain filled the imagination, but President Obama decided no one would see it. Yes, they did take a picture, but no, they would not release it to the public. Not even in that fuzzy sort of way like when they blurred out the picture of Schwarzenegger’s love child, but five seconds on the internet and you could find it unfuzzed (yes, I did, I’m not proud).

I would like to talk the President about this. If only he would stop by my house…

Botox Girl

On Cool Mom when I try to be timely it doesn’t always work out. If I shoot a homemade, I can upload it quicker. But last week was my monthly gang shoot (not the “Colors” variety, but when I shoot a bunch of vids with a camera man). It was the day the Botox momma was on “Good Morning America”.  Well, since Child Protective Services took her kid away from her, she is saying she made the whole thing up.

Either way she is a real gem of a role model for her kid. Not as good a model as Arnold, oops, more info on that now, okay, take his father of the decade award away. Reportedly he is vacationing with John Edwards.

Do successful men not use condoms?

PS What’s the point of baby pageants anyway?  It’s always chubby moms that push their kids to that.

If a Mom Talked Like Gaddafi

You ever have those moments where your parent hammers fall? Your “That’s it, everyone out of the pool!” moment? Sometimes when I do that I can see how easy it would be to be a rough parent who your kids fears. Stretch that further and it’s easy to see how that could happen to a country.  Since it has many times.

What if as a mom I wasn’t just dictator like, but a kooky, self-aggrandizing dictator mom who wore strange clothes.  Hmmm, now who would that resemble?