Momversation: What’s Bugging You?!

What is bugging you these days? That’s the question du jour on Momversation. Since they asked me to lead it off, does this mean I’m no Susie Sunshine?

The many bugs were given pretty equal weight in the editing room for myself, Trisha Haas and Jessica Gottlieb, but truly my longest and most earnest diatribe is reserved for our bipolar country that heavily funds multiple wars and our schools go begging.

How does this serve us as a country to underfund public education? Who wants to live in a community of dumb shits? How will we compete in the world? It’s a prescription to being a second tier power.

Bush put in No Child Left Behind, which I didn’t like to begin with, but then it wasn’t funded. So, it raised standards while not giving schools extra dough to make it work. Meanwhile, he got us into two wars.

Obama was supposed to CHANGE things, but we are still in these wars, upped one and throw in a little Libyan action because the military industrial complex needs to sell more toys. Politicians give mouth service to education, but when the rubber hits the road it’s not there.

I can’t even talk about it because I will never stop. Here is the piece.

The Mid Morning Show with Cool Mom

I’ll be honest, NBC offered me and Rex the 10pm slot, but in the meeting Rex rolled his eyes. I read his mind. Who wants to watch a talk show at 10pm?  So, we passed, Leno took it, rest is history.  I said I’d go head to head with “The View” gals though.  I used to love them, but, come on, Joy is the only funny/smart one.  Sherri Shepard, not funny, not that smart.  Elizabeth Hasselback is more interesting.  Whoopi, um, I just miss Rosie.  Are cue cards still a surprise for her?

Rex loves Regis, so we were sort of thinking that with a little Kimmel for our show.  Here is just a teaser.

NBA Naps

Yes, I know it’s the NCAA’s right now, but had to put my two cents in on this NBA nap kerfuffle.

Rex is still doing periodic “mommy!” pleas in the middle of the night.  When I’m not strong enough to put a pillow over my head and chant “Ferber, Ferber” as I try to go back to sleep, my next day is shot. He is not easy to get back down. And men, with their hearts, they need to rest the ticker. Also, if someone works overnight they can increase their heart problems. So, if a basketball player played overnight and was woken up by – okay, maybe not a kid, but – a groupie spending the night who wants to get some more action before the break of dawn, yes, they would need a nap.

Do we need to have a march for nappers’ rights?  Is that goofy eyed Wisconsin Governor stopping these as well?

Also, if I ever make you chuckle can you VOTE for me?  I stumbled across this poll/contest/promotional vehicle. It’s about funny mom bloggers.  I will say I have discovered some other funny gals by going down the list.

Explaining the News to Vivien

News events are moving so fast that this video I did a couple of weeks ago went from being dated to relevant again.  I posted it last week, but took it down quickly because the news came out about Lara Logan being attacked.  That really bothered me and thought the video would be in poor taste .  I feel like it’s okay now and with the events in Libya and all the other stories that will unfold while you have young children how do you address it?

How far do you go when exposing your kids to news stories?  Vivien was old enough to know I was obsessed with the 2008 election, and Michael Jackson’s death went on forever.  Do I get into all the unsavory bits? Certainly not. I think it’s cool for her to know about big events and I try to break it down for her in a way she can understand. I filmed this when the grease was first hitting the pan in Egypt.

The part of Vivien is played by my friend Michelle.

Momversation: Do you Trust Mom Strangers More than Others?

Well,  Heather and Catherine and I were on such a roll the other day talking about nursing strangers kids that it lead to another subject, “Will I ever clean up those cluttered shelves behind me?”  Okay, that’s part of my Daphversation.  (Today I will finally do it, I will I will). We went into a slightly different direction.

Sidebar, it’s hard to ignore the tragedy of this weekend.  I can’t stop thinking about that lovely 9 year-old girl who was shot by the total piece of S–t.  My heart breaks for her parents.  There’s strangers, there strangers who are parents and there are loner young men who are so screwed up they get kicked out of junior college.  I know it goes against the grain of Americana, but it is not right that loons get to buy Glocks.  The founding fathers said, “The right to bear arms,”  which in their case was a musket.  So, fine going forward we can all carry muskets.  The kind you shoot, reload, put in your gun powder, shoot, etc. Not guns with 31 rounds.

Gay Marriage: Where do you stand?

Here is a hot topic momversation.  Don’t blink or you will miss me. I think I’m often, like “huh?  why is this a big deal?” I was raised pretty progressive, so I can’t imagine actively blocking people from marrying Tom or Tina.  I get doing a double take when you see a same sex couple kissing at the alter, it’s all pretty new to most of us, but oh well, I also use to like to get hand written letters and that doesn’t happen much anymore. Society changes, or rather it has caught up with some peoples hearts already were.

One thing I brought up, that didn’t make it in the cut, was how any non-married couple can be marginalized. When my dad got sick, his girlfriend was shut out.  “You have to come, they won’t talk to me,” she said.

What about that about that poor girlfriend of that author who wrote the girl with the Dragon Tattoo books? 30 years, but outside of marriage, no rights.

It might be religious for some, but to me marriage is, in large part, a business arrangement.  There are no barriers as to who can incorporate a business, so why should this be different?

Balloon Boy

There are those moments that people always remember where they were when they heard the news, Pearl Harbor, JFK assassination, 9/11. Then there is the next level that most people remember, for me one of those would be when John Lennon was killed. Even the recent death of Michael Jackson was a little moment, a “no kidding!”

And with a 24-hour news cycle always on high alert sometimes they try to create these moments. The OJ car chase (I will admit I know exactly what I was doing… driving to Menlo Park from San Francisco to see an ex-boyfriend in a community play thinking, “poor guy, no one will be in the theater tonight.”). The media is hoping we will get involved, stay tuned. Will the next one be a big phony baloney one? Rolling my eyes that I made sure not to turn on the news after reading about balloon boy online lest Vivien see it and worry that she too might be carried away, perhaps by a cluster of birthday balloons.

Spanking Someone Else’s Kid

Okay this story is not your normal “disciplining someone else’s kid.” More like abusing someone else’s kid. That was my launching point for this vid. But, like I’ve told you, I’m not always that rested, and honestly, this is not one of my strongest ones. It’s like I forgot to end it. Instead, I just ended it.

Help me out: write an ending to this video. I’ll try to be more with it on the next one.