Happy day after Halloween!  We are so lucky.  Vivien’s school closed today so teachers can do something… that teachers do. Wise, so the hungover and tired families were able to sleep longer.

This morning I told Vivien she could have two pieces of candy.  She opted not to pick a Tootsie Roll, “It get’s in my teeth”.  Which brings us to todays video.  Oh, and here is a picture of me and the kids last night.  Rex did have a superman costume, but hated it so much it made him cry, so I threw the cow pants and Vivien’s Halloween shirt together for his first Trick or Treat outing.  My orange cone says “caution: gas leak below,” because fart jokes are ALWAYS funny and I thought it would make me stand out while escorting the kids. It was great that Halloween landed on one of Mark’s night off.  He made a great pork roast that we brought over to our friends house and their daughter and Viv are BFF’s so fun had by all.  We were in our old neighborhood and I kept making loops in different directions so Vivien would see our old, big house.  That can upset her… and me.  Best to airbrush it out of our evening.

PDA posture

When I’m at the park or play date or pumpkin patch with my kids and I tap out something on my Blackberry, I can feel a little guilty.  Shouldn’t I be focused on them and not on my technology?  Am I addicted to getting and sending messages?  Well, yes, I am… But it occured to me recently that having a PDA has allowed me to make a living and be with my kids.  I can be on the beach with them and get an email that someone would like to hire me to do a TV show segment.  I can reply, “yes….”  Thus, book the job and still be with my kids.

I can get an email, “Would you be cool having XYZ has sponsor on Coolmom?  ‘Yes, I would I love that product, and I love to monetize when I can, now Rex don’t climb on that goat…'”  You see how that works?

If only I could stand correctly…

Momversation: Mommy Mishaps

Here is a little diddy from sister site Momversation.com, or a spin off site as I think of it, to coolmom.  The subject is mommy mishaps.  The theme of accidently hurting your child has been explored here and here, but sadly, I never seem to rush out of fresh material!  Bad mom, bad mom.

Oh, well, just another imperfection we learn to accept.

Note: These vids are from when I was pregnant with Rex and I still lived in my big house and thought I had financial security.  Do I look different? Does a financial crisis change your features?

Getting Down to Toddler Level

I feel very lucky to have had my little guy.  I think I’m more keenly aware of that blessing since I had a miscarriage after Vivien.  I also love that I birthed a terrific straight man.  For someone who loves comedy as much I do, this is pretty awesome.

(Btw, I am writing this with 3 generations of noise makers right behind me right before dinner.  “Yes, the leaf for the table is under Oliver’s bed….” “Rex went to the potty?  Oh, yeah, he knew he was peeing in his diaper,” etc.  Photo of it here)

Anyway, back to the video of the day.  In all the bits and pieces of life, it’s easy to keep charging instead of savoring my baby.

Now, as for my inherent motor mouth and self involvement, that’s another story.


The bummer about the interweb is the swiftness that one can find how unoriginal they are.  I thought, hey over on Momversation we finally showed that one about MILF’s, why not play on the idea of a DILF?  Then I find this.  Really, how hard is it to change one word in an acronym? This entry was from 2003.  My defense is that I have been sleep deprived since 2005.

When I go to a park with my kids the adult companions are usually moms, nannies and grandmas.  But, what if one day, maybe a Saturday, there was a park filled with hot divorced dads.  Just some good eye-candy to break up the day.  These days looking is enough of a buzz.  Because beyond even that marriage thing, who has energy for more?

Reading the Paper with Child

How do you keep those little moments you use to enjoy pre-parenthood?  Not the straddling the hunky Brazilian delivery boy kind, but the day to day pleasures like brushing your teeth.

Mark and I still try to read the paper every morning.  Most of the times I can only glean the headlines, but sometimes I get more.