Getting Down to Toddler Level

I feel very lucky to have had my little guy.  I think I’m more keenly aware of that blessing since I had a miscarriage after Vivien.  I also love that I birthed a terrific straight man.  For someone who loves comedy as much I do, this is pretty awesome.

(Btw, I am writing this with 3 generations of noise makers right behind me right before dinner.  “Yes, the leaf for the table is under Oliver’s bed….” “Rex went to the potty?  Oh, yeah, he knew he was peeing in his diaper,” etc.  Photo of it here)

Anyway, back to the video of the day.  In all the bits and pieces of life, it’s easy to keep charging instead of savoring my baby.

Now, as for my inherent motor mouth and self involvement, that’s another story.


The bummer about the interweb is the swiftness that one can find how unoriginal they are.  I thought, hey over on Momversation we finally showed that one about MILF’s, why not play on the idea of a DILF?  Then I find this.  Really, how hard is it to change one word in an acronym? This entry was from 2003.  My defense is that I have been sleep deprived since 2005.

When I go to a park with my kids the adult companions are usually moms, nannies and grandmas.  But, what if one day, maybe a Saturday, there was a park filled with hot divorced dads.  Just some good eye-candy to break up the day.  These days looking is enough of a buzz.  Because beyond even that marriage thing, who has energy for more?

Reading the Paper with Child

How do you keep those little moments you use to enjoy pre-parenthood?  Not the straddling the hunky Brazilian delivery boy kind, but the day to day pleasures like brushing your teeth.

Mark and I still try to read the paper every morning.  Most of the times I can only glean the headlines, but sometimes I get more.

Sparkly Shoes

Do you ever think: I have got to get these kids out of this house!  Now that Vivien is in school, big girl school, I don’t want her time with me to just be the window between school and dinner.  There are some afternoons of cartoon watching, but wouldn’t it be nice to go elsewhere and see different topography of LA?  So, this is Cool Mom on location.  It was a nice day by the beach.  I loved it and while my kids ambled about, I reflected on the trends that little girls go through.