Reading the Paper with Child

How do you keep those little moments you use to enjoy pre-parenthood?  Not the straddling the hunky Brazilian delivery boy kind, but the day to day pleasures like brushing your teeth.

Mark and I still try to read the paper every morning.  Most of the times I can only glean the headlines, but sometimes I get more.

Sparkly Shoes

Do you ever think: I have got to get these kids out of this house!  Now that Vivien is in school, big girl school, I don’t want her time with me to just be the window between school and dinner.  There are some afternoons of cartoon watching, but wouldn’t it be nice to go elsewhere and see different topography of LA?  So, this is Cool Mom on location.  It was a nice day by the beach.  I loved it and while my kids ambled about, I reflected on the trends that little girls go through.

How to Relate to a Stepchild

When I tell people I have two little kids and a 16 year old stepson (I don’t lead with my two older stepkids as they live on their own), I get remarks about “what a handful” the stepson must be.  Not the case.  Oliver wouldn’t know drama if it slapped him in the face and set it’s hair on fire in front of him.  He would barely raise his eyebrows.

He is very cool.

He talked more to me when he was little.  Now, I welcome any dialogue.  No matter how I have to get it.

My Child Genius

My sister Carole is here again, so we can talk about how special and wonderful our children are.  Or rather, how special and wonderful and brilliant we all decided they are going to be.  There are even tests you can give your little Mozart.

Do we go overboard with this stuff?  Well, it’s better than neglecting them.

Message to expectant moms

Now, I assume that most people who come here are already parents.  But, once in a while I hear from some who have not crossed over that threshold.  This vid is for you!   I find when I have a co-worker or friend who is about to have a baby I spill forth a five minute warning/to do list for any expectant mother.  I guess it’s my version of what I feel people withhold from would be moms.

So, here is a shorter version.  I didn’t mention everything…like the blood that comes out of you for weeks that no one tells you about.  I guess we all need surprises.

Please feel free to add your own warnings and advice.