Getting Ready For Sibling

Here’s a vlog I did while I was still pregnant about Vivien and getting her ready for her new sibling. I have not one but four presents for Vivien from the baby. Everyone says to do this. I bought stuff awhile ago and kept stashing it in places where Viv wouldn’t find it. Then I forgot about it, so I was just happy to discover: a puzzle, two skirts, pajamas… oh, and something else. What was it? My brain is going.
Also, a friend told me that when the sibling visits Mom and the new baby in the hospital, Dad and the older child should bring the baby to Mom.  That way, the mother isn’t already holding the baby causing the older sibling to think, “Get off of my mom!” Well, she probably thought that anyway. I’m the youngest, so I never experienced this. I was always jockeying for attention. Hmm… reason I became a performer?

Stretch Mark Creams

Man, did that kid feel like he was about to launch out. I’ve been lucky I don’t have anything too funky on my belly (the arms, though forget it!). But this stretch mark cream bizness… come on! My skin is as dry as crackers, and I didn’t get any stretch marks. It’s hormonal… but if George Clooney wants to rub some stretch cream on me, I will become a convert.

Things I Would Change About My Delivery

Days away… I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do differently from my last delivery. But I also have to stop myself from trying to overplan, even if it’s trying to correct things from before. ‘Cause it could be so different. And as much as I want a nice experience for me, I really want my little boy to come out healthy and screaming. The rest is gravy. Of course I’d like to be healthy too. I just saw an Oprah where the mom got a flesh-eating virus, so now I have to worry about that too. Harumph.

Drinking While Pregnant

Tonight was my night for a cocktail. Days from delivery, and darn it, it was good. As I slurped, my friend and I recounted how we use to sit on the armrest of our parents’ cars. Who had a car seat?

The doc says I can drink now… a little… I didn’t do shots and probably won’t have more than a sip of beer in a few days. But from what I hear, it’s better to drink now than when I nurse.

Hope my son won’t be too short.

No Hubby at the OBGYN

This pregnancy has differed in so many ways from my first. For one thing, I thought it was my husband’s duty to go with me to nearly all doctor visits. Now, I’m like, “If you are busy it’s no big deal.” Or “Just come to the ultrasounds,” which makes me him be more like, “I wanna come!” Here is where I confess about my sweet husband bugging me at the doctors.