Washing up #spon

If someone asked me the best way to clean one self after a visit to the loo BEFORE I was a mom I would have made a face like this 

However, once you have a baby you spend years wiping little bottoms.  That’s how I learned that doing so with a moist wipe is easier and more effective than dry paper.  So, when Cottonelle asked me to try their “Fresh Care Flushable Wipes and Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper” for people with big butts as well I was on board.

The idea is that we never clean up with out water any other time, so why neglect our loving back side?  There are some funny videos ala Candid Camera that demonstrate this


Hey, not to get “fresh”, but if given the option the way we care for our babies can be nice for us as well.  If a fresh feeling tushy isn’t enough to get you interested in putting your cleaning logic to the test, how about a bathroom makeover worth $10,000 

Why not use a flushable wipes?  You deserve it!

back up to summer fun (spons)

Summer?  Aren’t we in Winter?  Well, yes, but this video was shot in the end of Summer and it will be here before you can say, “defrost these toes”.  This is the final of the Kia Sorento series I did with my kids.  Saved the best for last.  I love this one. All of these were shot so nicely ( better than I do in my living room) and this one is Very true to life.  My kids love the beach, I have to haul it all, and I couldn’t live without my back up camera.  Once you go back up camera, you never go back.

“How did I back up before I had this?”  Especially being a parent I’m alway worried about something or someone  darting in the back of my car.



Okay, sit back, relax for a minute and see the warm breeze of summer.

Hanging in the parking lot (spon)

Yeah, time for another well produced branded video with me and my Kia Sorento ( that I don’t really own, but would love if I did).   It is nice to get to school early and get a parking space.  In this episode I am so early for pick up I get a lot of things done.  I think the only thing we missed was me holding a learning annex class in the back seat.


Maybe, ” Moms, how to make good use of your time”

look at that cargo space! (spon)

It’s time to check in with my idealized self.  The one that looks like me, does the chores I do, but has good make up, nice hair, and a clean, new car.   Another installment of the Kia Sorento series that my kids and I did.


This one concerns shopping with my little loves.  They love going grocery shopping with me.  I love going alone.  It’s like cooking with them.  Their help is work.  But, at least it’s been a couple of months since Rex had a full blown tantrum in the store.  But, then I probably caved and gave him some treat to avoid the scene.  Here is another way to get around the tantrum.  In addition, look at that cargo space!

Lemonade stand: Last days of summer (spons)

These Kia videos my kids and I did in September have become like a scrapbook book for me.  It was the last days of summer, and as it turned out, the last days of Campanile.  Though we didn’t know it yet.  In this charming episode of Vivien, Rex, Daphne and their 2013 Kia Sorento we use it to help sell some cool drinks on a hot day. I know they are my kids, but jeez they are pretty cute here. They did love serving the lemonade.


Yes, today we would do better as a hot chocolate stand. It’s shot very prettily and it’s in the parking lot of what was Campanile with Alex, who was the best valet guy making a cameo.   The La Brea Bakery sign is in the back, though they too have been forced to move up the street by the change of lease holders ( dead to me).

It’s a sweet nugget of time. Check out the nice car with the power folding side mirrors! Maybe I folded them to fast.  I didn’t see the predatory restauranteur breathing down our necks.

What did I forget this time? spon

I love my life in the 2013 Kia Sorento.  Vivien has not done a science project yet, however, because of this shoot she and I already know what we will do, erupting volcano!  The director had just done this with his daughter.


Each video shows a “slice of life” that demonstrates another feature of the Sorento. The parts of our real life in this vid is me forgetting something and Mark nicely going to fetch it (lunches, Rex’s sleep mat).  Also, maybe we a reflux family, but baking soda and water is night cap in our home.  The feature of the Sorento here is built in Blue tooth that easily accessed, but it could also be cargo space. They could have a label on the car that says something like this:

“Standard features:

-power steering

-anti lock brakes

-volcano hauling”


By the way check out the number I dial my husband at.  You can tell it was a few months ago.  Campanile, boo-hoo.  I could watch this over and over because Vivien is so cute in this. The only thing I don’t like is my bra strap peeking out at the school.   New feature idea for the Sorento, fabric tape in the glove box.


Third row when you need it (spons)

Today while I do my last minute shopping I would need the flex third row for packing in last minute presents.  But, for carting around kids I do wish I had a third row option available (batting my eyelashes at Kia).

It’s been tough enough to squeeze in one Viv friend into my back seat, a fourth kid would have to run along side. Which is too bad because I would love my kids to have buddy time in a safe a legal manner.


So, in this parallel universe where I have the 2013 Kia Sorento I get my wish.  A third row, happy kids and a cold drink on a hot day.  ( yes, this was shot in Sept)  I also have some crazy Yoko Ono sunglasses.  Can’t remember how that came about.


Getting kids to sleep in the car (Sponsored)

This is the first in a series of videos Rex, Vivien and  I were hired to do this summer for the Kia Sorento.   These videos are my idealized self.  Yes, it’s me, my kids and things we do, but the saturation of color is so much nicer in this world and I’m driving this nice new car.  Look at the sunroof plus!  Pretty sure, ” blah, blah, blah ” will take off as a new catch phrase.


Based on many true life moments of trying to get the kids to sleep. My little ones are pretty darn cute here, and professional.

I wish they had left us the car!

kids rebel against mom blogger (sponsored)

that’s the headline that will be coming soon.  Sure, I put everything up online from my muffintop, my shingle blisters, my butt crack.  But, my kids are on to me.  When I told Vivien I wanted to shoot her taking me on a tour of her Campanile she agreed with a caveat, “it’s only for our family mom.” That kid is hip to online privacy.

NO more pictures, we are not amused.

Drats, it would have been a great vid to post.  Let’s face it, absence of my kids 80% of my funniest videos would not provoke a chuckle.  Without my kids how can I be mom vlogger/blogger?  I could be a blogger/vlogger who is hostile towards her cats, really what else is going on around here?  ( btw cat lovers, remember these cats were foisted on me and one of them is truly nuts, and my daughter and I are allergic.) With out their funny lines, or approaches to life how would I be inspired?

That’s why this video cracked me up. Shows how modern parents will hang their kids out to dry if it will get hits on youtube.   It’s for Ragu, but not a salesy video. Seems more like an ad you’d see in Europe. Love when corporate America risks having some humor. ( It’s the not the one of the kid walking in on his parents)


Easy kid decor (spons review)

One of the last task of the summer was doing something about the blank wall in Rex’s room.  Not that he was up at night worrying about it, but every time I walked into his otherwise cute room I mulled over what to do.  Wallpaper?  Expensive, I could paint something, but it would look like the illustrations for Diary of a Wimpy Kid, if I was lucky.  Create something myself?  If I wanted a large ransom note on my sons wall.

Seemed unwise.  Just as I was eyeing the large stickers of Wall Candy Arts in a store I got an email from them asking me to review it.  These are already created colorful scenes that can be peeled off and placed on a wall anyway you like.  Sounded easy… but would it be? I’m NOT crafty.  The have lots of different designs, but when I showed Rex the choices online he chose the city skyline.  This is how it worked for me and my kids.

note: the reviews that involve video I receive a small fee as I shoot, edit the videos myself and it takes more time than a written review.