Do You Take Your Kids Grocery Shopping? (Ragu Sponsored)

Back with Sauce Talk!

When we shot this, I was struck by how kind, even and uncynical Christine is about her kids. When I watched the video, though, I just wanted to go put baffles in her dining room so the sound was better.

Look, most of the time going to the grocery store is a bore to me. Mostly because I do it ALL THE TIME. What’s with this eating thing around here? When they were tiny, a mashed banana and cheerios went a long way. Caroline Murphy is in the discussion as well.

So, if you have a choice… do you take the kids along for the ride?

Dinner on a Budget (Ragu Sponsored)

In the weeks since I shot this it seems even more relevant. Um, has anyone noticed that this non-recession is NOT letting up? Meanwhile, my kids seem to be eating more. While more costly, it does seem important to their growth to take in sustenance. I chat here with Caroline Murphy of Smarty Pants Mama and Christine Koh of Boston Mamas.  Just Mamas and the dinner issue.

So, eating on budget .. what’s your tip?

Check out to hear more ideas from Mom’s the Word!

Kenmore Washer and Dryer, Oh Yeah!

I have a few vids and blogs coming about settling into our new digs. When we got the house, we found out we needed to get a washer and dryer as the previous owners wanted to take theirs with them. I had been doing some fantasy buying (where I stay up late and surf on images I covet, you know). My wandering eye settled on a pair of energy efficient front loaders from Kenmore. Oh, yeah, they knew they wanted me.

In one of those rare “put it out into the universe and it will come” types of things, I got an email from Kenmore that asked if I would judge a contest for them about Genius Tips. This is a fun read, let alone a great opportunity for you. They want tips about short cuts and hints to different domestic topics. There is a winner every month who gets a $3,000 Kenmore gift certificate. That would buy you a lot of Kenmore. So, I reached out to the Kenmore rep, told her of my love and desire for a Kenmore washer and dryer and how I could perhaps help them with their Genius Tips contest. Long story short, I got this washer and dryer to review.

When I picked them up at the local Sears (on Crenshaw), I did spend over $200 on a warranty for the washer (which MP told me not to buy, but I did). Otherwise, I was given this set to review and for my ongoing participation in the Genius Tips contest.

Here is my first take on the set (by the way, in the store, they seem to cost a little less depending upon the special being run).

Check out the Genius Tips. I have spent some time, after the kids go to bed, on that myself. The winning tip will be featured in a Kenmore ad.

Sponsored: What Are Your Go-To Veggies?

In the Ragu series I’ve been a part of a big goal is for parents to pass on nuggets of wisdom about getting their kids to eat healthy meals. So, I was all ears for the topic of getting kids to eat vegetables.  I found out that I’m not doing too bad.  Also, Vivien loved her fish and shrimp last night so I really feel like I have a good eater.

Of course, Rex ate one potato and ran screaming from the table.  Oh, well.  Take the victories where you can. Kim Tracy Prince and Caroline Murphy are the bloggers on the Versation with me.

What are your go to veggies?  Go to to join the conversation.

*This video was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador in Ragú® Mom’s the Word on Dinner Program.

Sponsored: Huggies Amazing Little Movers: Victoria, Annie and Cash

Hey, doing something a little different in the brand sponsored video department.  Some of the Momversationalists and I are playing sports announcers for babies. Here I am with Heather Spohr.

What do I like about this campaign?

1) I do buy Huggies; I think they fit well on my Rex.

2) I got to leave the house.  Nothing like saying “I’m going to work” like driving to a place with adults and then going to buy a sandwich. Ah, the little things in life.

3) It’s fun to see my mom bloggers friends in the flesh. I have been wanting to have them on Cool Mom for a coolmom good time.  We get on very well.

4) Who doesn’t love watching babies?

Enjoy and check your Huggies package to enter for points and prizes.

Ragú® Asks: Whose Kid Has the Oddest Eating Habit?

As charming as little kids can be, their hypersensitive taste buds need to control something in their lives and their tendency towards OCD can explode at the dinner table.  Just when you think you have it figured out, they change.

A friend told me the other day that her husband hates soup.  How odd, I thought.  I get not liking a kind of soup, but all soup?  Then Vivien announced she now hated soup (she hadn’t heard our conversation).

So, here is the first in a series sponsored by Ragú® about different dinner issues called Mom’s the Word on Dinner.  It’s been nice creatively because even though it’s a sponsored series once the conversation started, myself and the other mom bloggers got to have real conversation.  We want to know your thoughts as well.

For more information, visit Ragú® on Facebook!

*This video was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador in Ragú® Mom’s the Word on Dinner Program.

Sponsored: Amazing Little Movers: Leighton, James & Charlotte

Okay, this one is pretty cute. It’s a lot of babies, and it was fun to play sports anchor with Rebecca Woolf. I did three of these so watch for them.  We do use Huggies, so this was a natural fit. Ah! A Pun.

The basic message here: 1) Huggies fit your kids well and lets them move; and 2) if you do buy Huggies they have a number you plug in online and earn points to get stuff.

The fun for me was to see my Momversation moms IN PERSON.  I wish we had more of those.  It’s much easier to talk when we are in the same room. Also, I went into an office to do these.  Felt very grown up – “I have to go to work.”


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