is Mom Vlogging over?

Is mom vlogging DEAD? Oh, in 2007 I seemed so clever.  Why not create short, funny videos for mom? Give them a bite, not the “how to” of BabyCenter, but a virtual wise cracking friend.  Your own digital Ethel.  I partnered with Deca and created this site and Momversation.  The brands poured in, I made over 500 videos.

But, the last year and half I’ve got it alone while the landscape of mom vlogging and mom blogging has changed.  Bigger sites than mine have challenges.  They are chasing the elusive “monetization” and a wack- doodle pioneer like myself is left to reflect on the status of this genre.

Stay at home moms are screwed

Did you see that piece last week in the Sunday NY Times?  About 40 something moms trying to regain footing the job market.  It was depressing.  These woman had taken 10 years off.  The most I didn’t work was one year, yet, my jets have cooled a bit the last couple of years so this article scared the shit out of me.

If you went to an Ivy league college and kept up with your contacts it might not be so bad for you.  But, for the 99% of us the message seems to be, don’t quit your day job.

But, which one?  That’s the pain the modern mom continues to struggle with.

hot lunch when you want a cold one

Been breaking out my kid’s packit’s for camp this week.  Yes, I did send Viv to a short camp.  Camp Daphne had too many battles over TV watching.

My commerical is running again.  No, I don’t get a cut of the bags, but I do like them.   I also love professional lighting.  Looks a tad better than my homemade vids.’

Working from home ( crock of s–t)

I’m EXHAUSTED from the month long wake and I’ll tell you about the last night of Campanile, but now I need a laugh.   Ironically, the latest episode from my collaboration with Cafe Mom Studios is about working from home.  For the time being at least this is something my husband will also be participating in!

Please watch, enjoy, and share.  I think this one is pretty darn good.


Trying to get the Daph Master Flash back

A continuing theme in Mom Lit is the search for self.  Or the maintenance of it.  Now doubt marriage and motherhood change you, as it should, but frankly, I don’t want it to change me THAT much.

The last couple of weeks I have a had more work, fun and hi jinx then the last couple of months.  All good.  All leading me back to smidge of the me I discovered back in The Greatest Decade, the ’90’s.” That I was the DaphMasterFlash.   What does that mean?  It means when I’m firing on all cylinders and things are coming together.   My creativity is on and I was improvising, hosting, producing ( whatever my job at that moment) really well.  It meant I when I use to set my cap for a guy and say, “you” and check please!  It meant travelling to other countries and having the best adventures.

My producer Brian on my Discovery Show “Perfect Partner” knew of my alter ego, greater self and use to exhort me to exhibit it when we were in the midst of shooting one of our 81 shows in the field for that series.

“DMF it, DMF it” he would say so I could bring our dog and pony show to an end and we could move on to the next set up.  Sometimes I would say, “I don’t have the DMF today.”  I think I haven’t had much of the DMF for a couple of years.   Or maybe it was put into a subtle survival mode.  Surviving selling my home while pregnant and losing most of our net worth.  Stuff like that.

So here is my little journey back to my  DMF.

Have You Tried to Talk to This Person?

Sure you have. We all have because we ARE this person. Sometimes in my capacity as a restaurant co-owner/chef wife, I talk to tables, welcome them, make sure they are doing well. I don’t sit in their lap and overstay my welcome, but I’ve noticed that for some it’s fine to click away on their phone the whole time while I’m talking. Now, I get it if someone looks up and says, “A message from my boss. Sorry, just a sec.”  But I know sometimes it’s just the mindless scroll. Obviously, since they are patrons I pretend I don’t see it … kind of like you pretend to not hear a fart.

When I was shooting an internet show [I don’t want to use the real name. Let’s say it rhymes with ‘SerHey’], it was a running joke about how much the main host was on her smart phone. I know her and like her, but this was not good for team building and it was distracting to the work. One day I shared the “stage” with another rotating co-host and as we settled in on the set to do THE JOB WE ARE BEING PAID TO DO, she pulled out the smart phone and click, click, clack, clack. I grabbed it from her and flung it across the couch, “NO phones on set.” The entire crew cheered. I wish the producer had mandated this as a rule from the get go… seems like basic professionalism, but with a society of super involved folk, we need reminding. The gal I did this to took it the right way. “Oh, you are right, so used to that here.”

Later though she pulled it out AGAIN. I said something along the line of, “Come on!”

She said, “I’m emailing my agent (or manager). I’ve got nothing going on. I’ve got to get something going on.” Translation to those outside of showbiz, I only have two days of work this week and I’m hoping I’ve an audition, meeting, showcase to hopefully pay my rent and stop the voices in my head.

Me: “Look around. Do you think the camera guys, the PA getting the lunch are going, “Ah, I’ve made it, I’m working a couple days this week on an internet show NO ONE has heard of at a lousy rate.” We all want something else to be ‘going on’.

Thus, was the germ of this video play.

Bucket List

I may be the last person in the world who got that “Bucket List” refers to “kicking the bucket.”  I thought it was just some movie I didn’t go see.  But, now that I get it it inspired this little rant/introspection. As we near the end of the year people start talking about resolutions or goals.  We all have our hopes and aspirations.

PDA posture

When I’m at the park or play date or pumpkin patch with my kids and I tap out something on my Blackberry, I can feel a little guilty.  Shouldn’t I be focused on them and not on my technology?  Am I addicted to getting and sending messages?  Well, yes, I am… But it occured to me recently that having a PDA has allowed me to make a living and be with my kids.  I can be on the beach with them and get an email that someone would like to hire me to do a TV show segment.  I can reply, “yes….”  Thus, book the job and still be with my kids.

I can get an email, “Would you be cool having XYZ has sponsor on Coolmom?  ‘Yes, I would I love that product, and I love to monetize when I can, now Rex don’t climb on that goat…'”  You see how that works?

If only I could stand correctly…

Daphne Brogdon’s office

How do work at home mother’s do it?  I am doing it part time and I still don’t think I’m doing it.  You don’t get the water cooler chat and there is little reason to groom yourself and you can also just get sick of being at home! Hard to stay focused on work tasks when also caring for kids.  I think everyone else is more organized or better at it than I.

Also, where is that assistant?  Hmm, maybe I’ll just create one.