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Shout Outs

One thought on “Press and Shout Outs

  1. Love your recent video. Geez, I wish I could put something like that over. Today, for example, I’m in the offices of one Dr. Feng, a vascular surgeon who assures me he can fix the varicose veins ERUPTING from my legs (courtesy of pregnancy/child number four). He tells me I’m the poster child for the forty-something moms who come in for an overhaul. Whaaat? Poster child? Do I look especially forty-something? Are my veins especially vericose? Do I have that je ne sais quoi that marks me as a suburban gal needing a tune-up? I’m picturing (if I had the nerve) doing a video where I pretend to be having a conversation with a nice facsimile of my surgeon, where words like “vein stripping” and “reflux” come up, and I play Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin playing me. Super, right?–“me” touting the primacy of great legs to a purpose-driven life. Nah, I can’t put it over! But you could. Let me know when that one’s going to debut!

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