The Palin Saga: An Attack On Motherhood?

Well, it’s hard not to snicker and find humor. The governor looks like Tina Fey, so the sketch could write itself.  Kind of a Clampett’s comes to the White House and since Palin is a hunter the family can even have a shot gun wedding. Crabmommy had a good post on the comedic side of “choice.”

It’s so ugly and sexist what is going on?  My husband said, “the Democrats have to be careful or it will seem like they are attacking motherhood.” Obama’s statement almost made me cry when he said that families should be off limits and that this was a nonissue.  “My mom had me when she was 18,” Obama said. Yeah, and look how badly he turned out.

Other pundits, talk show host, columnists have been very mean about Palin and her family. If I hear one more woman say that she shouldn’t be vice president because she can’t take care of her kids I will scream. NO ONE says that about a male politician. Say she shouldn’t be VP because she is anti choice, thinks global warming isn’t man made, has no foreign policy experience, in other words issue that are relevant to the work, but don’t piss on working moms. The only “oh my ” to come out of this is that Palin opposed sexual education in schools.

I do think they shouldn’t pick on the kid, or hold Palin to a higher standard of parenting then a male politician. But, between Jamie Lynn Spears and this soap opera in Alaska I fear an over glorification of teen pregnancies will be the aftermath. Teen mothers and their children have a brutal economic hole to dig themselves out of.

This from G-CAPP:
“The poverty rate for children born to teen mothers who have never married and have not graduated from high school is 78 percent.”

Now, I’m all for sex-ed. I was raised in a school where in 4th grade we were practicing putting a diaphragm in a plastic vagina as part of our sex-ed. I think condoms should be passed on street corners. I would take to the streets to protect Roe V. Wade, or if outlawed help ferry women to a country that would perform a DNC (not the convention, the procedure). If this Christian family believes that they can handle whatever life brings them, Down Syndrome or a teen mom, then leave this family alone.

Cool Mom Political Poll

And I thought all the fun was over with the primaries! The Democrats pulled it together with Hillary, Bill, Gore, Biden and all to be a superb opening act for a great speech by Obama where he finally forcefully went after the Senator from Arizona. Could this Hillary fan luxuriate in my make up sex with BO? No, cause Friday McCain yells, “take that, kid.” And taps Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska for his VP. Have to hand it to his campaign, they really kept that under wraps. No texting the supporters gone asunder, just a well played political surprise.

It’s a controversial choice for sure…and that was before we found out about her daughter being in the family way (more about that tomorrow). But I gave McCain a gloved applause. After being told by Obama that big Mac was not a maverick he gets to wear the mantle again.

Will it bring this pro choice Hillary fan to vote for McCain? No, because my vote goes toward the betterment of all woman and I Believe, that is best accomplished by having more liberal justices on the Supreme Court than the GOP would place. But I have to admit I did like Palin, she is charming. Love that she popped another kid out in her forties and barely missed a beat in her work, even though her baby was born with Down syndrome.

Palin is plucky even if she loses she will get a book deal and a good speaking fee after this. And some of the sweet old ladies in the South I spoke to when I was working for Hillary might go for it. They aren’t comfortable with Obama, don’t love McCain either, maybe a down to earth lady will help them decide.

But, are there some of us who have not decided? Or like my mom, and few friends, are sticking with the Libertarian party, who I have great affinity for?

If the election were held today, who would you, vote for?

Don’t Hug Me

Fresh on the heels of a working mom being the first ever woman on a Republican presidential ticket, here is a workingwoman issue. Being touched at work. I don’t mean in a sexual harassment kind of way. This isn’t the kind of touching that’s going to bring a lawsuit or make anyone cry. But, how do you feel with touchy feely co-workers? Maybe it’s a California thing…

Love train

The song they were playing after Hillary Clinton made her dramatic entrance, asked to stop the roll call, and move for acclamation to nominate Barack Obama was the definition of great dramatic stagecraft. And I am not ashamed to say I am a sucker for it. Not to mention my other love, history. This marks the first time EVER an African American-or any person of color has been nominated by a major party for the President of the United States. I don’t care who you are, that’s got to choke you up a bit. Not to mention this African American has a funky name. America is a great place.

It was also a love train for me personally because my niece was with me for the day. As a result I could watch every state and their provincial self-serving introductions, which I always love. Hmm if I were a state what would my roll call intro sound like?

“Madame Secretary, Daphne Brogdon, home of sarcasm and great legs. A place where improvisation is always appreciated, and a good sharp cheddar cheese is celebrated. A loving mother and mostly loving wife, friend to her step-children, a woman who cuts her salad with a knife and fork, much to the chagrin of her husband. Political junkie extraordinaire proudly casts her vote for the GOP to be punished for the 8 years of George W. Bush and for the (hopefully) next president of the United States of America, Barack Obama.”

What would your intro be?

Hillary Hits It Out Of The Park (Bonus!)

I could not be more proud of Hillary Clinton. Her speech Tuesday night was picture perfect. I had been waiting to see it for days.  As an HRC supporter I knew she’d be good, but she exceeded my expectations. And it did hurt a little knowing she came this close…


I had trouble watching it since Vivien was in a cranky mood and I gave her chocolate cake just so I could watch the speech that I told her, “is really important to mommy, and you can watch Diego in the other room if you want.” She proceeded to make a mess–I didn’t care–but Mark did, so he took the cake away prompting her to flail her body on top of mine. I kept pausing the opening movie and saying, “I said this is important to me!!” After a body blow to my back I jumped up, “that’s it, I said this was important to me.” I then ran to my room, shut the door behind me, and watched the speech by myself.

My stepdaughter Vanessa was more fortunate than I. She saw the speech from the upper reaches of the floor of the convention, where she said Bill Clinton was crying as Hillary spoke. I am so excited (i.e. jealous) that she actually got to be there. She sent me the above picture from her vantage point.


I am so proud of Hillary for her accomplishments they are considerable. She didn’t win the democratic nomination, but she is more than ever her own iconic political figure and has established a standard for future woman candidates. What a great role model for our daughters. A woman educated, well spoken, and has the guts to take on the boys. After having gone through being publicly humiliated by her husband (I wish Elizabeth Edwards could have a similar triumph), she did what she exhorted in her speech, “to keep going.” Using Harriet Tubman was genius.


And how about all the funny?  She had some great lines, “sisters of the traveling pantsuits,” Twin cities, “cause they are so much alike,” and how could you forget, “no how, no way, no McCain.” I spoke to a pro Hillary friend who said, “I can’t put an Obama sticker on my car, but I can put that line on my car, I’m going to make a bumper sticker out of the that.” The DNC should as well.


She hit all the notes she needed to. Paying tribute to her campaign and her supporters, but so personally transitioning to the next phase, support for Obama. I loved it when she said, “were you in this campaign just for me?,” how magnanimous to take that tact. She rightfully placed the campaign in a larger context. (Hillary could have mentioned the Supreme Court as well, the only thing she did miss).


Didn’t she look like she was having fun? Didn’t she make it look easy? If you watch like I do–on CSPAN– 90% of the speakers are not that great, the same old examples of sad people, no kicking up the crowd, or attacking the GOP. Hell the Democrats are going to get skinned next week!  Mark Warner, was okay, but no keynote, some good themes, but hardly going to fill the voter registration roles with that performance. The best opener and middle act for Hillary were Dennis Kucinich (congressman from Ohio, who I’ve always loved for speaking his mind and wanting to impeach Cheney), and Brian Schweitzer, Governor of Montana.

I don’t think anyone is going to top Hillary’s speech for me. One large factor is, none of them are going to be from the first EVER viable female candidate for President. I am looking forward to Bill and Biden tomorrow night. But, I might get a sitter and go to a friend’s house to watch that one.

Frustrated Pundit

In all my years on TV I have only been able to do a few political segments, on a few shows. I use to be in talk radio and through that was fortunate to meet a few politicians: President Clinton (while he was in office), former president Carter, and almost president Hillary. But, my love of humor and improvisation steered me away from news. Yes, I did audition twice for the Daily show and didn’t even get a call back. Jerks!

Anyway, this is a set up to say, I watch political conventions like others watch football games. I don’t just watch the party I vote for. I like to see the stagecraft, the strategy, and the lack of strategy. Politics is human nature in action. Which is why when I hear “a new kind of politics,” I think, yeah right as soon as we get a new kind of human, we’ll get right on that.

I tried to watch MSNBC, CNN etc, but they keep yapping. I want to watch the C card speakers and the produced videos. The talking heads have been yapping enough. And unless I get to be one (oh please Lord, one day, please?), I’ve heard enough of them. Except for my favorite, Pat Buchanan. I know, might surprise you, but he is almost always right and doesn’t parrot party talking points. As my sister Carole says, “He’s almost an oracle.”

I’m just glad it will be over before Vivien watches “The Upside Down Show” before bedtime, or I’d be screwed!

No Solutions

All parents are looking for the magic bullet to ease their suffering, shut the kids up, not embarrassing ourselves in the process, get some sleep, etc, etc. But is there one? I think if we all realize we can control our children, not really, maybe we’ll (I mean me) get less agro. Of course I am trying to control Vivian a bit this week so I can sit and watch the convention. For a political junkie like me, the next two weeks are like Christmas.


I have a theory on adults: whether married or single, pretty or ugly, rich or poor, we are all sitting on our couches alone watching TV. It is no wonder there are so many lonely isolated people in this world. With the Olympics, at least for two weeks I have an excuse to be a sloth.

Oh wait, the political conventions start soon. The sloth continues!

Politics: That’s Hot

Who would have thought Paris Hilton could seem so smart? Then again, to cultivate a career out of a nice body and a famous last name must take some moxie at the very least. Check out her response to McCain’s “celebrity” ad. I kind of love it!

Paris Hiton’s response also comes at a time when I have been saying, “why is Obama running neck and neck with a corpse?” Of course, back in my Hillary days I always thought Barrack Obama would have a tougher time than the fawning MSNBC and ilk projected. But, he has been running a good campaign up until about two weeks ago.

Celebrity Paris Hilton
Creative Commons License photo credit: Rafael Amado Deras
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tony the Misfit

Obama is not responding quick enough or hard enough to problems. He should have made the Ludacris song that said, Hillary was an “irrelevant bitch,” this was his potential Sister Souljah moment. He does still want the moderate woman vote, right? Instead, he has allowed McCain to get significant traction with off shore oil drilling.

Obama needs to run an ad on a loop (they have the money, right?) of McCain giving Bush a bigger hug than even Cindy Sheehan gave Hugo Chavez (bye Cindy, thanks for playing). I think for a lot of people a vote for Obama is a vote against Bush and for many others a vote for McCain is a vote against Obama.

The Paris video shows something else, the left can lack a sense of humor. If they got their panties in a bundle about the New Yorker cover, featuring the Obama’s making a parody of McCain in a diaper, dropping a bomb on Iran.

Dare I say it, “the bimbo shall lead them.”