For the last few years I’ve been doing an online show for Fox.com called “24 inside.” It’s for the fans of “24.” We shoot a few shows a year where I interview the cast and crew of the suspense-filled show. Sometimes we go on the set, and the other night I went to their premiere. Now, I might be in danger for saying this, but I have already watched 21 out of the 24 hours of the new season! I think it is the best season since season 4. They are finally out of LA; how many times can terrorist threaten Van Nuys?

The cast and crew are always nice to me. If you go to the website, you can see me interviewing back to season 3. The first show I did was with Carlos Bernard and his onscreen wife. We were doing our own studio show in the valley, in the heat of the summer, and the AC was not up and running. So, you will notice the actors and me starting to melt.

At the red carpet event the other night, the producers were all, “Hey you are pregnant again, congrats!” My opening line with Kiefer was that he was a parent at the school my stepson attends. Little parental ice breaker. Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe) looked great. She has a five month old, and she couldn’t believe I was so close to delivering. We were gabbing mom talk in this junket room full impatient publicists clicking away on their Blackberrys. I finally had to start asking her about the show.

Daphne and Jon Voight

Later at the red carpet for the show debut I had to play fan with Jon Voight, Oscar winner. I told him how much I loved Coming Home. He was very nice and asked me how many kids I have. “Good for you,” he said as we parted. I was not one of the tacky reporters who asked him about Angelina. He was there to promote his show, and it just seemed childish and invasive.

As I drove from one interview location to the party with my makeup artist TC, we realized we were having fun. I was so glad to be working again after weeks of no work, and I NEVER get out. TC agreed, “I’d be home with my dogs.” Great to get dolled up even if it’s to only go to the outside of a party.

A Little Jaunt to San Diego

Action-packed weekend. 1) I worked for Fox.com at Comic-Con (freaks), shooting 24 Inside (and no, even though we taped Kiefer Sutherland talking on a panel, I still didn’t get to interview him and tell him I had a vaguely erotic dream about him). Fox kindly footed the bill for the hotel all weekend so 2) I had our babysitter, Dolly, take the train down with Vivien Friday afternoon so we could have a fun weekend. (No dad; he was working.)

Vivien on the train to San Diego

After making it clear to the concierge that I was a food snob, she set us up at dinner at Laurel. Pretty good, a little too fusion for me, but fresh ingredients.

Then the San Diego Zoo Saturday morning. It’s vast but nice, and we took the sky tram and saw the pandas. Check, please. Put Dolly back on the train to LA, and then Vivien and were in need of a nap meltdown. After a mediocre club at the Sheraton (the Marriott’s was much better), we napped hard.

Vivien in a butterfly

We also went to Balboa Park, which rocks!! It’s like Golden Gate Park, but not freezing. We went on the big carousel and the kiddie one and the train ride. Who knew SD was so fun? I didn’t, and I used to visit relatives there, but they were in Chula Vista, which is not an entertainment hot-spot (I remember something about a double murder there).

We had dinner in La Jolla with my cousin Margo and her husband John, at George’s. Great view of the water and Vivien was sweet and spent half the dinner under the table, so it was a breeze.

Sunday we hit Legoland. It’s kind of spendy. Take the kids before they are 3 and they can get in free; after that, it’s 50 bucks! Sixty for adults! (Bring the AAA card for a $10 discount.) At first, I was overwhelmed and thought, “Why am I doing this on my own?” But if I wait for for Mark’s schedule to clear up in order to do things, I would complete my shut-in status.

Vivien at Legoland

Legoland is great. Not too crowded, and unlike Disneyland – and far worse, Knott’s (gross) – they have decent food. Espresso, and fruit and yogurt parfaits. I think ’cause it’s owned by Swedes. I naively thought we would spend 2 hours there. Ha ha. Vivien and I said “one more ride” five times before I got her out, way past nap time for both of us. And only because we started to find rides that she was too short to ride. I am not an amusement park fan, as I get tired, but this place I can do. Well, the cool breeze and double espresso helped.

On the way home, I called Mark and asked if he could please figure out dinner, since Vivien and I were not our most pleasant selves in the car.  And he did, happy ending!

Don’t Wake Me, I’m Having Sex with Someone Else

I have to share an incident from the other night. I am preparing to host a show called 24 Inside. I do a few every year; it’s a web show about the Kiefer Sutherland show “24.” I interview the writers, actors, producers (though, ironically, in all the years I have been doing the show, we have never been able to interview Kiefer).  Anyway, I love “24,” and “24 Inside” is fun to do, as I get to work with cool people.

Kiefer Sutherland
Creative Commons License photo credit: ertarantiniano

To help me prepare for the upcoming shows, they sent me some of the already-filmed episodes. If you are a “24” fan, this could make you salivate. I have to say I felt like I had gotten something coveted, like a picture of Brangelina’s twins, or the inside track on who Obama and McCain are picking as their VPs, or Botox for life (hmm, maybe not that good).

Anyway, back to the sex. So I have been watching an episode or two before I go to sleep (can’t watch it with Viv in the room, as it’s way too intense). The other night, I am having a happy dream where I have a pretty little home, I feel good, and I realize Jack Bauer is on my bed, ready for some loving. But he is making a goose sound and I worry he is about to kill or die, because that’s the threat on “24.” I slowly realize it’s the actor playing Jack in my bed, and now I’m really psyched.

So I am starting our big makeout, but the goose sound is still going. I say, “Kiefer, I am about to lick your backside, but you’re making a goose sound. Cut it out.” He is laughing and saying, “I’m not doing it.” Then my third eye kicks in, and I realize it’s my husband. I wake up and uncharacteristically, Mark is snoring like a friggin’ goose! I whack him: “You are snoring.” He shifts: “Oh, sorry”

But I couldn’t yell the other thing in my head, which was, “You have ruined my erotic dream with Kiefer Sutherland!” I fumed for twenty minutes before I finally went back to sleep.

It’s fun when you have a delicious dream that you wish to elongate… so to speak.