Vacation distractions (spons)

My mantra during school breaks, “they will not watch TV all day.”  No reason they should, they got a mountain of toys from a man in a red suit. Right now Rex is running around naked wrapping his arm in scotch tape.  That’s better than a 2nd showing of “My Little Pony.”

Yesterday I went to the chiropractor, the gym and got my car washed.  My car gets SO filthy it takes them 40 minutes.  10 of those minutes were spent hearing about the cashiers father’s oxygen levels.  I kept nodding and saying reassuring things as my inner voice spoke, “Why is she telling me this?  It’s slow today, she needs someone to talk to, be nice. Lady, please let me walk away. Oh, I just remembered I don’t care.”

Before I left I told Mark, turn off the TV when this cartoon is done.  I called from the car wash “I can hear the TV, turn it off”  Yes, he said, with the same tone I had for the cashier with the father with C. O. P.

I picked up some lunch for us.  I was back at 12. Still the TV was on.  “Enough.  TV is off.  TV break.”

“TV vacation?” Rex chirped.  Yes, TV Vacation.

C’mon let’s go assemble some hunks of plastic that you were given.

In my idealized alternate universe Kia Sorento self I come up with a fun staycation activity for the kids.  It would help to have a brand new car, however it could be done after a trip to the car wash.