Momversation: What’s Your Best Piece of Parenting Advice?

What’s the best parenting advice you ever got? I’m sure some was when I was super sleepy so I can’t remember it, but in this Momversation I did mention some gems. Some of the Momversationalists don’t like advice. I don’t mind advice, I mind a snippy know it all attitude which is not the same thing. If someone is tsk, tsking while your kid is in a meltdown and says things like “gee, maybe you should feed her” and you want to scream “Of course I feed my kid dumbass, she is 3 and this is part of being her age. Don’t judge my mothering!”

In the same situation the onlooker could say “I know this is tough mom. If you are ok with it sometimes I give my kids a c-o-o-k-i-e. I have some if you want it.”

Note on the programming: I shot in my dressing room at tv guide on a shoot day so I have pro hair and make up. Not all haggard.

Momversation: When to Give Parenting Advice to Friends?

Is giving parental advice more tender than any other kind of advice? When Martin Luther King Jr. was told to slow down on integration and the civil rights of people of color, was that welcome advice? One can give advice and thankfully, one can always reject it.

Jessica Gottlieb asked the question. Me, Asha, and Maggie answer.

What do you do ?

Baby Gear

I need help. Okay, at 7 months, I’m starting to wrap my brain about what I need for my little boy in February.  Since this is my second child, I have many things already in the storage hut in the back: high chair, crib, etc.  I have been sorting through Viv’s newborn clothes to pick out the ones that won’t emasculate a young man.

But here is what I need, and I’d love to have an suggestions or advice about which products you all have liked.

Monitor.  My husband talked me out of a video one with Viv, and I regretted that.  I could Ferberized her better if I could have WATCHED her.  Which ones are good?

Bassinet/co-sleeper.  Vivien’s bassinet was borrowed, and it has never been given back.  Advantage: it rocked side to side when I was trying to get her to sleep.  But, is it better to have a co-sleeper so I don’t have to rise out of bed?  I’m talking about the first 3 to 4 months when he will still be in my room.  I’m thinking a bassinet is better. But rocking? music?  Remember, a light is good.

Swing.  I know I have to get the kind that goes back and forth and side to side.  Vivien and my niece hated the back and forth.  Or maybe it was good for a couple of minutes.  When she was almost too old, we borrowed the side to side one.  Is one better than another?

Sound machine.  We had a great one from Sharper Image.  Perfect pitch.  Vivien wouldn’t sleep without it for many months.  She grew out of it, and then I was addicted.  “Get rid of that!”  Mark finally screamed.  Harumph.  No like the sound of waves?  The problem is, we can’t find it, and Sharper Image is NO more.  So, which ones worked for you?

Made in the USA.  I know this is probably a big pipe dream on my part, but are there ANY HUNKS OF PLASTIC NOT MADE IN CHINA? With our economic woes and deflating dollar, I’d love to buy domestic, though it doesn’t seem possible in baby gear.  Just bought a baby outfit for a friend, and the best I could find was Made in Thailand.

What am I not thinking of?

On Momversation: Why Do You Care How I Parent My Child?

On today’s Momversation, Rebecca from Girl’s Gone Child asks “Why do you care how I parent?” She really had some major buttinskies get in her face as a new mom, so I don’t blame her for being a little peeved. When should we give advice to other parents, or should we at all? And if someone is up in your stuff, how do you handle it?

Guess Who’s On Dr. Phil!

I’m thinking of starting my own cable show called “My Life On The G-List” (I wish I were D-list). Anyway, when you are on the G-list, once in a while you get a cool glimpse into the A-list life. Such was my experience on Dr. Phil. Watch it Monday. I have to say, as much as one can make cracks about the syndicated dynasties like Dr. Phil, he actually gave very good advice and the right take on the show I was on. But when you watch this, you’ll see that Dr. Phil was holding out on me.

Divorcing Friends

Don’t get me wrong, some people should get divorced. When my dad moved out, my sadness was tinged with a great relief! But my knee-jerk reaction to hearing that people with children are divorcing is “DON’T!” I can get kind of Dr. Laura about it. So in this video are a couple of issues in regards to divorce that have hit me recently.

Home Wreckers

Okay, don’t worry just because this is my second vlog in a row talking about issues in marriage don’t think it’s a cry for help! This comes out of the general knowledge that being a mom doesn’t always make me the sweetest partner.

But it also stems from me hearing friends and others, talk about faulty reasoning behind deciding to have a child.

Moms Who Soldier On

My Minnesota raised mom has taught me a lot about self-discipline, among other things. Even though I attended alternative schools and my mom has always been a free thinker, she is very grounded and never has given to airy-fairy beliefs. My dad (Georgia raised), while all Southern Gothic is a contrast to mom’s toughness. No histrionics with her.

In this vlog my mom talks about generational differences in mom’s from the ’70’s to now. She also speaks about what was happening with the mom’s of her generation. When everyone diminishes the present day, it’s worth noting, there are some improvements.

Sexualized Teens

Once again, I visit the big gun in my arsenal – my mom. This is such a big issue for parents: how do you realistically protect your daughter from being too sexy? Is there an assualt from our media – I think so – or is this just our perception, since we are no longer the ones tramping around town? Morency, my mom, weighs in.