New TV fave

Over the years I have become obsessed with different TV Shows.  “Mash”, “The Avengers” ( Mrs Peel!), “Get Smart” and “Wild, Wild West.”  Also, “Maverick” and “Bonanza”.  Great thing about syndication sometimes I could watch these shows 5 times in a day.    Clearly I have a thing for cowboys and action.

Now as a grown adult there is a new TV obsession in town:  the revamped “Dallas”. When I was a kid my sisters and I use to dance to the “Dallas” theme song.  Back in the late ’70’s  and  early 80’s ,when if you wanted to watch something you watched it live on the few channels you had.  The show lost me the last few years.  I was over it in college and barely noticed when it left the air  in 1991.

A few months ago Josh Henderson, who plays JR’s son, came into the Tar Pit ( our now defunct cocktail lounge and eatery)  He had his faint mustache that night, it’s  good look for him.  He knew some of the people working there and he was so sweet and very appreciative of the opportunity.  He said that Linda Grey, Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman had been great to him.  He is playing kind of slime ball, so I think he has some real acting chops because he wasn’t like that at all when I spoke with him.

The other reason I love watching the new”Dallas” is in the pilot JR reminded me of my dad.  My brain is on high alert for men who reminded me of my dad. Did you hear that Robert Wagner? Larry Hagman is   similar in age to my dad and also has a little Southern lilt to his voice.  My dad was never a big oil tycoon, but was a bit the loveable scoundrel. Though I wish someone would trim Larry Hagman’s eyebrows. I use to do that for my dad.  I can come on South Fork and fix him right up.

Now you may not go in for a gringo telenovela like I do, but you fiddle around with their website.  Someone got the whole TV/ internet thing right at TNT.  If you are on Facebook you can put yourself and your friends in the iconic opening.



It randomly picks the pictures and the people.  But, you can chose your cast if they have enough pictures uploaded to Facebook.  Best of all you can out in your own address and make the opening about your own town.  

Like “Pacoima!”  So, instead of seeing SouthFork at the close your tract home pops up.  It’s a scream.  The one flaw, and it’s a big one, is they don’t allow you to send the link of what you created to your new “co stars”.  So, I’m left to laugh on my own.

Oh, wait, that’s usually how it is.  Well, give it a try.