Forbes Top 100

Did I make the Forbes top 100 best ways to make money? Or the Forbes Top majors to make a mediocre living at?  I could have, take that Sociology.  Happily, Cool Mom rated again on Forbes for one of the top 100 sites for women in the US.

Thank you, thank you.  This stuff can seem kind of silly and all, but I’m still smarting from being bumped this past year off of Babble’s list.

Who doesn’t like recognition? Thanks Caroline Howard for the inclusion.  Now, I need to go check out the other 99.

Raising Boys

This one is a little longer, but has a great payoff.  I was moved to smiles and laughter by an essay on Babble by Thomas Matlack. The full article is here. It was a piece by a dad, telling a mom about raising boys.  I know a lot more about girls, being one, so I was all ears.

So, here is me reading some highlights with Rex and, of course, giving my take on it.

See if you agree or disagree.