Can’t Read the Paper

One of the differences between our younger selves and our more mature selves is the acceptance that it is the accumulation of small things that can make your life good. Our ennui and youthful boredom somewhat stems from thinking life should be like a Samuel Jackson film, even if that means snakes on a plane, or the excitement at the end of a romantic comedy when the dog has run into the wedding cake, the fat lady is thrown into the pool, and the guy tells the girl he has been in love with her all along. See the last scene of The Graduate for some reality on that one.

Remember how when you were little and your grandma’s friend was so excited about the new tea cup that goes with her collection and you thought, “What is the big deal? It’s a tea cup.” Well, I seriously think it’s better to embrace the tea cup collection. There are some small things that can really make your life good. For me, it’s having a strong cup of coffee in the morning with my husband. I must have half and half, a little sugar, and then I like to read the paper.

If I can.

Momversation: How Did You Choose Your Baby’s Name?

When I was a kid, I read my baby book that my mother had written in for me. And since I was the third, kudos to her for scrawling anything down. Next to my name, the book asked, “Who is the baby named for?” My mother wrote: “herself.” I always liked that. Now, maybe if I had had a loveable Aunt Daphne I might have liked that connection… but there wasn’t anyone in my family I wanted to be named after.