Can That Boy Eat!

“Babies love lamb,” our pediatrician said in her thick accent. I don’t know what accent it is, but it’s charming. I can’t ask her where she originally is from because I know she told me a long time ago (9 months ago), and I didn’t retain it. No surprise there.

She listened to me tell her all the things Rex loves to eat… everything.

(Here he is happily being fed by his Aunt Carole). And this was her new suggestion, along with several sheafs of colored copy paper with guidelines for feeding a 8-10 month old. These hand outs make feel like I’m back in grade school.

As discussed here before (Tori Spelling Makes Her Own Baby Food) I’m not the best at pureeing vegetables and fruit for my kids. Um, rarely do it. Mark does sporadically. So, when I went to the Plan A baby event… which was some big mishmosh of all kind of cool things for babies that a PR gal I know invited me to… I picked up two samples of organic baby food called Sprout. Yes, like Nina and Star (I’ve watched the “Good Night Show” so often I see her striped pants in my sleep).One was mashed-up apples, and the other was sweet baby carrots, apples, and mango. Fat chance I would ever cook that up myself.

In one feeding Rex finished off the 3.5 oz and whatever else I had handy. I tasted them both, and they tasted good to me. So I used the 15% off code they gave me to order some more. After I put in my credit card, I saw that I didn’t get my 15 % off. I wrote the website and complained. I’m glad I was nice because the guy who wrote back said, “Hey, Daphne it’s me Jody, I’m a friend of Matthew’s. [good friend of mine] We last spoke at his engagement party.”

Ouch, the world is so small. I quickly went over the email I wrote… not a bitch, check. Phew. So, the upshot is he gave me my discount and a coupon code for any of you all who want to order any of the food.  The code is SB002295 for 15% off the first order. (They send it Fed ex, which is a few bucks. I ordered a tad more than I had expected to make it worthwhile.)

He has some other products, but I can’t vouch for them. I do like the food. But no lamb. I will have to mince that up myself.

Feeding Time

I also thought of titling this “Why Nursing Is Easier.” It shows what is going on at mealtimes. I still nurse, but am trying to feed him finger feeds and such three times a day, per doctors orders.

As I write this I’m so toast. Kind of ran out of places to get Rex down for bed in our current home. It’s late, and I haven’t even tried to then get Vivien down. I want to eat something first. I’ll write more when I’m not exhausted and my back doesn’t hurt. Oy.

Tori Spelling Makes Her Own Baby Food

I watch this video with my third eye. I think, “Poor Daphne, she is really tired.” Which I am. Good thing I just went to Fantastic Sams for my blow out. Good hair helps mask the canyons on my face.

By the way, I have worked with Tori Spelling, and I liked her very much. So, this is not a dig at her per se. But more at the media’s “fab celeb mom!” type stories that have the rest of us wondering if we are doing it right.