Top Baby Names

This is a little different from our regular fare, but it’s a topic that consumes new parents so I thought it would be a good addition. published the top baby names of 2010 and tracked what will be the hot names of 2011.  Here is an interview I did with editor Linda Murray on the topic.  She was on a media tour and I am the disembodied voice, but it’s an entertaining exchange I believe.  But, then my name is from a famous cartoon character so what do I know?  (Yes, Mom, I know you were thinking Daphne DuMaurier).

Momversation: How Did You Choose Your Baby’s Name?

When I was a kid, I read my baby book that my mother had written in for me. And since I was the third, kudos to her for scrawling anything down. Next to my name, the book asked, “Who is the baby named for?” My mother wrote: “herself.” I always liked that. Now, maybe if I had had a loveable Aunt Daphne I might have liked that connection… but there wasn’t anyone in my family I wanted to be named after.

Names for Boys

When you don’t want to name your baby boy David or Zeus, what is the sweet-spot for choosing his name? We are struggling with this one, as I am expecting a boy, and I feel like I have to tear through school rosters so I don’t pick a super-trendy name. My favorite is when people suggest I use a family name, like someone from past generations. Ha! A name from one of the esteemed former racists and alcoholics of generations past? One of them? We aren’t the Mountbattens!

My New Obsession: Baby Names

Move over social security site, there is a new baby name site that has caught my heart. It’s part of Babble, which is a good parenting site as well. I’m a bit flummoxed by picking a boy’s name, so this is my latest sounding board. I don’t want to pick a super-trendy name and this site has graphs that tell you the peak popularity of names so your kid is not one of 40 in his preschool with his name. For instance, my husband’s name, Mark, reached its peak popularity in 1960. His name, along with the name “Linda,” is probably due for a comeback in 20 years.

Will In Motion
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You can also put in names you like and it will give similar names. Not that I have a name yet, but at least I have a new fave web destination for after Viv goes to sleep.