What did I forget this time? spon

I love my life in the 2013 Kia Sorento.  Vivien has not done a science project yet, however, because of this shoot she and I already know what we will do, erupting volcano!  The director had just done this with his daughter.


Each video shows a “slice of life” that demonstrates another feature of the Sorento. The parts of our real life in this vid is me forgetting something and Mark nicely going to fetch it (lunches, Rex’s sleep mat).  Also, maybe we a reflux family, but baking soda and water is night cap in our home.  The feature of the Sorento here is built in Blue tooth that easily accessed, but it could also be cargo space. They could have a label on the car that says something like this:

“Standard features:

-power steering

-anti lock brakes

-volcano hauling”


By the way check out the number I dial my husband at.  You can tell it was a few months ago.  Campanile, boo-hoo.  I could watch this over and over because Vivien is so cute in this. The only thing I don’t like is my bra strap peeking out at the school.   New feature idea for the Sorento, fabric tape in the glove box.