Why is Mitt Romney writing me?

Maybe he watched Radio Daphne where I said I had dream we were going to hook up.  Was that it?  Did his people confuse me with a Mormon mom blogger.  Hmm, probably not, they don’t talk about hooking up.

Well, Mitt wrote me, personally.  He even sent a picture! Yes, Mitt I do believe in America! But, I’m pro choice liberal, so how did you get my address Mitt?  He seems like a nice man, except for that cutting the kids hair off in high school, firing a bunch of people and talking out of both sides of his mouth ( note to self, look up definition of ‘nice person’)  I can’t figure out what list I’m on with my full name, even middle, that Mitt used to send me this lovely man in front of barn with flag picture.  Nothing says America like denim and distressed wood.  The symbolism of the empty farm equipment is sending a message as well.  “America is out of work.” But, Mitt’s going to fire up that tractor and get us back to work!

Mark is a former Mormon and over the years sometimes the nice men in white shirts and ties knock on our door to ask him to return to the church of his youth.  They have ways of finding you… they are great at genealogy, Is that how I got this?

Look, am I better off than I was 4 years ago? That would be a NO.  Do I think Obama is more likely to fix the economy than Romney?  Probably not.  I tend to think that the neither is going to make a big dent, except we do need health care reform and we don’t need to roll back “Obama care “( Mitt care).  As a small business owner that provides health care coverage it would be better for us if everyone had to do provide and everyone had to participate. HIgher taxes, drag on economy, cutting entitlements, drag on economy.  We are kind of  screwed.


In 2004 and 2008 I traveled to other states and knocked on doors for the Dems.  Will I do that now? No, I’m not.  I’m busy, underemployed and a tad discouraged.  But, my line in the sand is the Supreme Court.  This court has enraged me plenty. Bush V. Gore, and most recently the stupid decision ( Citizen’s United) to allow unfettered money from corporations into politics (can hear Mitt from the barn, “corporations are people too”).  I think Mitt would appoint judges that would bug me.

But, thanks for thinking of me Mitt.