Life Changing Products

Nothing like going through a REAL life changing event to highlight the hyperbole of that term applied to things that are nice or helpful, but hardly Life Changing…
There are a lot of big terms we throw around that a sensitive person (which I’m usually not) would jettison.
For instance, “The traffic was so bad I was going to kill myself!”  I have some friends who have lost loved ones to suicide, so I try not to use this exaggeration.  I have replaced it with, “stick a fork in my head” or something a little more Three Stooges.
Perhaps beauty products could come up with something different as well.

Mommy Needs a Manicure

When I was pregnant with Viv, I still got weekly manicures, but my pretty acrylic nails had to come off – the smell and sensation were too much.  

Then new motherhood found me a wreck. For manicures, I used to go to the same Vietnamese lady I see to get my eyebrows waxed. I look like Dukakis if I don’t get my eyebrows done, and for that regimen I can hold Vivien while the woman waxes my brows. Recently she begged me to get my nails done as I was rushing out the door. She said, “Before baby, always time for nails. Now, no more.” I looked down at my nails, and they did look pretty bad.

So now I’m back to trying to get them done about every two weeks. But it doesn’t always work. And when it doesn’t, I have days like I describe in this video.